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A Debate on Net Neutrality

Posted in Net Neutrality on August 31st, 2008

Opposing Views' "Should We Support Net Neutrality?" page offers contrasting views of net neutrality. The Open Internet Coalition, Public Knowledge, Save the Internet argue for it, while the CATO Institute and Hands Off the Internet argue against it.

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    Two Strikes and You're Out: Comcast Will Suspend Internet Service If Residential Customers Exceed New Monthly Data Limit Twice

    Posted in Net Neutrality on August 28th, 2008

    On October 1, 2008, Comcast will implement a new 250 GB monthly Internet use limit for residential customers, and it will suspend Internet service for one year if customers exceed it twice.

    Read more about it at: "Comcast Caps Highlight Lack of Broadband Competition," "Comcast to Cap Internet Usage for Customers," and "Comcast to Cap Monthly Consumer Broadband Starting Oct. 1."

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      Fedora Commons Wiki Re-Launched

      Posted in Digital Repositories, Fedora, Institutional Repositories on August 28th, 2008

      The Fedora Commons Wiki has been re-launched using Atlassian’s Confluence enterprise Wiki software.

      Here's an excerpt from the announcement:

      The new Fedora Commons Wiki provides a stable environment for developing Fedora software, documentation and communities. The new wiki features additional personalization and development tools for communication and tracking including a feature long-requested by the community–automated account registration with "Capcha." So it’s easy to join our community while making it difficult for spammers.

      Please note that you do not need an account to read the Fedora Commons wiki—it’s open to everyone. You must register at the new wiki, however, if you want to add comments, articles, ask for help, or participate with other members of the community.

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        Repositories Support Project Launches The DSpace Course

        Posted in Digital Repositories, DSpace, Institutional Repositories on August 28th, 2008

        The Repositories Support Project has launched The DSpace Course, which has 20 modules that include workbooks and presentation slides. A Live CD is also available that has a version of DSpace that runs without requiring that it be installed on a server.

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          Institutional Repositories at Texas University and Health Science Libraries

          Posted in Institutional Repositories, Texas Academic Libraries, Texas Digital Library on August 27th, 2008

          Below is a list of operational institutional repositories at Texas university and health science academic libraries.

          Texas has 35 public universities, 9 public health-related institutions, 39 private universities, and 1 private health-related institution; however, only eight institutional repositories could be identified (one repository, the Houston Academy of Medicine-Texas Medical Center Library, serves multiple health-related institutions).

          The list was composed by consulting the following resources and then accessing repository sites to verify their existence: DSpace Repositories—Alphabetical, Fedora Commons Community Registry, Institutions Using the Digital Commons Platform, OpenDOAR, ROAR, and Repository 66.

          Institution Repository Software
          Baylor University (Baylor University Libraries) BearDocs DSpace
          Houston Academy of Medicine-Texas Medical Center Library DigitalCommons@The Texas Medical Center Digital Commons
          Rice University (Fondren Library) Rice Digital Scholarship Archive DSpace
          Texas A&M University (Texas A&M University Libraries) Texas A&M Repository DSpace
          Texas State University (Alkek Library) eCommons@Texas State University Digital Commons
          Texas Tech University (Texas Tech University Libraries) eScholarship Repository Digital Commons
          University of Texas at Austin (University of Texas Libraries) University of Texas Digital Repository DSpace
          University of Texas at El Paso (University of Texas at El Paso Library) DigitalCommons@UTEP Digital Commons

          Texas also has the Texas Digital Library.

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            DCC Methodology for Designing and Evaluating Curation and Preservation Experiments V1.0

            Posted in Digital Curation & Digital Preservation on August 27th, 2008

            The Digital Curation Centre has released DCC Methodology for Designing and Evaluating Curation and Preservation Experiments V1.0.

            Here's an excerpt:

            The purpose of this document is to describe a Digital Curation Centre (DCC) testbed methodology which will serve as a workflow framework for designing experiments to validate the effectiveness of curation and preservation strategies. The methodology is grounded in the following general principles: the methodology must

            • conform to the fundamental standards of a scientific methodology,
            • be easy to follow and implement, i.e. accommodate experimenters of all levels of technical expertise,
            • be general enough to accommodate future changes and the evolution of ideas in curation and
            • preservation theory and practice,
            • be specific enough to provide concrete guidance in the immediate short term,
            • be sufficiently flexible and extensible to allow for technological advances and the evolving
            • complexity of available resources
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              RoMEO List of Publishers Who Allow Their PDFs to Be Deposited in Institutional Repositories

              Posted in Institutional Repositories, Open Access, Publishing, Self-Archiving on August 27th, 2008

              SHERPA's RoMEO service has made available "Publishers Allowing the Deposition of Their Published Version/PDF in Institutional Repositories."

              Here's an excerpt from the announcement:

              SHERPA has analysed its records to determine which of the 414 publishers listed allow authors to deposit the publishers' version or publishers' PDF of a journal article into the author's institutional repository. 50 publishers allow immediate, un-embargoed deposit into repositories—even more allow use in restricted circumstances. This means that there is a large volume of work which can be deposited directly into repositories even if the author has not retained their own final draft. . . .

              We have separated the publishers into sub-sets, indicating any restrictions that are imposed by the publishers on the use of their versions. The sub-sets are: no restrictions, embargos, fee required and embargo & fee required.

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                British Library Releases Its "Digitisation Strategy 2008-2011"

                Posted in Digitization, Research Libraries on August 26th, 2008

                The British Library has released its "Digitisation Strategy 2008-2011."

                Here's an excerpt:

                Over the next 3 years we will build on our existing digitisation programme. Current projects include the digitisation of:

                • 20 million pages of 19th century literature [approximately 80,000 books];
                • 1 million pages of historic newspapers in addition to the 3m already digitised;
                • 4,000 hours of Archival Sound Recordings in addition to the 4,000 hours already digitised;
                • 100,000 pages of Greek manuscripts.

                Our top priority digitisation programme in support of the Library's corporate strategy 2008-2011 is the digitisation of newspapers.

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