Vocabulary Mapping Framework Announced

A cooperative project, the Vocabulary Mapping Framework, is mapping major metadata standards (CIDOC CRM, DCMI, DDEX, DOI, FRBR, MARC21, LOM, ONIX, and RDA).

Here's an excerpt from the press release:

The new vocabulary is not intended as a replacement for any existing standards, but as an aid to interoperability, whether automatic or human-mediated. The expanded Framework will include mappings of terms from code lists or allowed value sets in the existing standards to the RDA/ONIX vocabulary, enabling the computation of "best fit" mappings between any pairing of standards. . . .

The work will result in:

  • a mapping of vocabularies from the source standards to support the building of crosswalks and transformations between any of them;
  • a definitive reference set which editors can draw on when creating and developing standards;
  • a downloadable RDF/OWL ontology to support the interchange of metadata content between these major standards, which will be useful to enable automated reuse of metadata from different sources and schemas, to improve the quality and access and reduce the cost of metadata;
  • a governance scheme to oversee further development.

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