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Armbruster and Romary Compare Four Repository Types

Posted in Digital Repositories, Disciplinary Archives, Institutional Repositories on November 30th, 2009

Chris Armbruster and Laurent Romary have self-archived "Comparing Repository Types: Challenges and Barriers for Subject-Based Repositories, Research Repositories, National Repository Systems and Institutional Repositories in Serving Scholarly Communication" in SSRN.

Here's an excerpt:

Four types of publication repository may be distinguished, namely the subject-based repository, research repository, national repository system and institutional repository.

Two important shifts in the role of repositories may be noted. With regard to content, a well-defined and high quality corpus is essential. This implies that repository services are likely to be most successful when constructed with the user and reader uppermost in mind. With regard to service, high value to specific scholarly communities is essential. This implies that repositories are likely to be most useful to scholars when they offer dedicated services supporting the production of new knowledge.

Along these lines, challenges and barriers to repository development may be identified in three key dimensions: a) identification and deposit of content; b) access and use of services; and c) preservation of content and sustainability of service. An indicative comparison of challenges and barriers in some major world regions such as Europe, North America and East Asia plus Australia is offered in conclusion.

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    Cornell's DigitalCommons@ILR Nears 2 Million Downloads

    Posted in Digital Commons, Digital Repositories, Institutional Repositories on November 30th, 2009

    Cornell's DigitalCommons@ILR repository, which serves the ILR School (also known as the School of Industrial and Labor Relations), has had nearly two million downloads and contains close to 10,000 documents.

    Here's an excerpt from the press release:

    Featuring the scholarship of ILR faculty and researchers, DigitalCommons@ILR also contains workplace-related collections selected by Catherwood staff. Collection items include collective bargaining agreements, records of Congressional commissions and archives of labor and globalization-related web sites. . . .

    The most downloaded items in the repository include works by ILR faculty, archived issues of the ILR Review and reports from the Congressional Research Service.

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      Presentations from the DSpace User Group Meeting 2009

      Posted in Digital Repositories, DSpace, Institutional Repositories on November 30th, 2009

      Presentations and other materials from the DSpace User Group Meeting 2009 are now available.

      Here's an excerpt from the announcement:

      Over 90 participants from 20 different countries attended the fall DSUG 2009 meeting. In addition to the European community, DSpace users from the United States, Brazil, New Zealand and Singapore were in attendance. Copies of the presentations and video recordings are now available for most of the sessions.

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        CMAJ to Cease Being an Open Access Journal in January 2010

        Posted in Open Access, Publishing, Scholarly Journals on November 30th, 2009

        CMAJ, which has been an open access journal since 1995, will cease being so in January 2010, when some content will be restricted to subscribers.

        Here's an excerpt from the "No Longer Free for All":

        The harsh economic reality is that CMAJ, like many others in the publishing industry, has experienced a considerable decline in advertising revenue over the past two years. This loss necessitated an extensive examination of other business models to adequately address today’s economic challenges.

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          University of Guelph's School of Environmental Sciences Adopts Open Access Policy

          Posted in Open Access on November 29th, 2009

          The University of Guelph's School of Environmental Sciences has adopted an open access policy.

          Here's an excerpt from the policy:

          Researchers in the School of Environmental Sciences commit to making the best possible effort to publish in venues providing unrestricted public access to their works. They will endeavour to secure the right to self-archive their published materials, and will deposit these works in the Atrium.

          The School of Environmental Sciences grants the University of Guelph Library the non-exclusive right to make their scholarly publications accessible through self-archiving in the Atrium institutional repository subject to copyright restrictions. . . .

          This policy applies to all appropriate scholarly and professional work produced as a member of the School of Environmental Sciences produced as of the date of the adoption of this policy. Retrospective deposit is encouraged. Co-authored works should be included with the permission of the other author(s). . . .

          Works should be deposited in the Atrium as soon as is possible, recognizing that some publishers may impose an embargo period.

          This policy is effective as of 11/05/2009 and will be assessed a year after implementation.

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            Head, Resource Sharing and Repository Services at University of Maryland Baltimore

            Posted in Digital Library Jobs on November 29th, 2009

            The Health Sciences & Human Services Library at the University of Maryland Baltimore is recruiting a Head, Resource Sharing and Repository Services

            Here's an excerpt from the ad:

            This faculty librarian plans, directs and leads the resource sharing services units: borrowing, lending, and document delivery in the Resources Division. He/she participates in establishing, implementing and monitoring goals, tasks, policies, procedures and services relating to the library's resources and their delivery, oversees the department's staff of library technicians, coordinates the department's statistics/reports management and participates in strategic planning for the division. The Head, Resource Sharing and Repository Services reports directly to the Associate Director for Resources.

            She/he serves as project manager for the institutional repository services to be offered to the campus by the library. The repository will promote the university's mission by applying state of the art technology to organize and present the intellectual work of the campus's scholarly community.

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              A Guide for the Perplexed Part III: The Amended Settlement Agreement

              Posted in Copyright, Digital Copyright Wars, E-Books, Google and Other Search Engines, Mass Digitizaton, Publishing on November 29th, 2009

              The American Library Association, the Association of Research Libraries, and the Association of College and Research Libraries have released A Guide for the Perplexed Part III: The Amended Settlement Agreement.

              Here's an excerpt from the press release:

              The guide describes the major changes in the amended settlement agreement (ASA), submitted to the Court by Google, the Authors Guild, and the Association of American Publishers on November 13, 2009, with emphasis on those changes relevant to libraries.

              While many of the amendments will have little direct impact on libraries, the ASA significantly reduces the scope of the settlement because it excludes most books published outside of the United States. In addition, the ASA provides the Book Rights Registry the authority to increase the number of free public access terminals in public libraries that had initially been set at one per library building, among other changes.

              Looking ahead, the Court has accepted the parties’ recommended schedule and set January 28, 2010, as the deadline for class members to opt out of the ASA or to file objections, and February 4, 2010, as the deadline for the Department of Justice to file its comments. The Court will hold the fairness hearing on February 18, 2010.

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                Shared OpenURL Data Infrastructure Investigation: Final Report

                Posted in Linking, Linked Data, and Semantic Web, Metadata on November 29th, 2009

                JISC has released the Shared OpenURL Data Infrastructure Investigation: Final Report.

                Here's an excerpt:

                The project team set out to gain a good understanding of the technical, legal, and administrative challenges and opportunities related to sharing and using OpenURL link server data and to assess the relative and complementary value of data from the OpenURL router and from OpenURL resolvers within institutions by gathering and inspecting those data. We also sought to explore potential uses of these data through consultation and through manipulating the sample data available. Our conclusions are organised by four themes: (1) the level of interest and viability of services based on aggregated OpenURL data; (2) libraries' willingness to share data; (3) the availability of OpenURL resolver usage data; and (4) the value of the OpenURL Router as a source of data on which useful services may be built.

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