Faculty of 1000 to Launch F1000 Research Open Access Publishing Program

The Faculty of 1000 has announced that it will launch its F1000 Research open access publishing program later this year.

Here's an excerpt from the announcement :

F1000 Research will diverge from traditional journal publishing as follows:

  1. Immediate publication (beyond an initial sanity check) upon submitting to the repository. . . .
  2. Open, post-publication peer review. . . .
  3. Revisioning of work. . . .
  4. Raw data repository. . . .
  5. "Article" format is not predefined. . . .
  6. "Article" content is not predefined. . . .

Many questions remain as F1000 Research is fine-tuned to break new ground in scholarly publishing.

  • How much formal refereeing is required?
  • What is an article amendment versus an update?
  • What incentives are required to encourage post-publication refereeing, author response and revisions, and sharing of raw but template data?
  • What author fees are appropriate for the different types of content?

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