Persistent Identifiers Interoperability Framework

The Alliance for Permanent Access to the Records of Science Network has released Persistent Identifiers Interoperability Framework.

Here's an excerpt:

This work aims to investigate the interoperability issues between PIs [Persistent Identifiers] and proposes a general Interoperability Framework (IF) as a starting point to design new solutions to support interoperability. . . .

Some notable solutions for identifying digital resources have been proposed in different domains like Libraries, Publishers, Science, and several standards are currently at a mature stage of development (e.g. DOI, Handle, NBN, ARK, Scopus Id, ResearcherId, VIAF, etc.) , but significant weak points still remain making persistent identification a complex problem which involves a large number of stakeholders who sometimes have opposing views on many of the issues that need to be addressed.

Since the PI field is a fragmentary landscape and a unique global identification solution is far from being adopted, the challenge is to establish an IF among the current PI solutions to enable the persistent access, reuse and exchange of information through the use of existing identifiers and associated resources across different systems, locations and services.

To tackle this challenge this work provides a Reference Model to support PI Domains (PID) in providing their PI-resource associations with a shared semantic model, enabling new services to discover new relationships and make inferences on digital resources.

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