Head of Library Systems at St. Edward’s University Library

The St. Edward's University Library is recruiting a Head of Library Systems.

Here's an excerpt from the ad:

The Head of Library Systems provides leadership, management, and implementation to support all digital initiatives of the library. This position reports to the Director of the Library to identify strategic priorities for the library's digital presence, partners with the Head of Public Services to design a world-class library experience for the St. Edward's University community, and manages the work of the Digital Services Manager, all in the context of a collaborative library workplace. In addition, this position seeks out and cultivates partnerships with Information Technology in order to create innovative, useful, and efficient tools and resources for learning, services and scholarship in the context of a global campus, defines new projects and sets priorities, manages and schedules software development projects, coordinates deployment and management of production systems with others in the library and in Information Technology, estimates the time and resources required for such activities, and defines processes for quality assurance, programming standards, mentoring and assisting in the professional development of library staff, and directing and participating in requirements analysis, architecture, design, coding, testing, deployment, and support of software. This position reports to the Library Director and functions as a member of both the library and Information Technology management teams, participates in library planning initiatives, and develops the overall strategic plan and architectures for digital library systems.


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