OAPEN-UK HSS Researcher Survey Results

The OAPEN-UK project has released the OAPEN-UK HSS Researcher Survey Results.

Here's an excerpt from the announcement:

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Only 50% of researchers are aware of OA and only 30% familiar with it.
  • Around 50% of researchers think it is ok to make a profit from OA publishing as long as that profit goes back into supporting the discipline or making more OA content available — 20% think you can make a profit and use it however you like and 20% think that you can make a profit but only to cover costs.
  • Almost 80% would prefer the most restrictive Creative Comms licence, but what is interesting is that the responses show that researchers are more concerned about protecting their work than it being used commercially.
  • 60% had read a monograph in the last couple of days â 39% had bought it and 33% had got it via the library
  • Early career academics are more willing to consider self-publishing than later career researchers.

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