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Scholarly Electronic Publishing Weblog (November 30, 2012)

Posted in Bibliographies, Digital Scholarship Publications, Scholarly Communication on November 30th, 2012

The latest monthly update of the Scholarly Electronic Publishing Weblog is now available. It provides information about selected new works related to scholarly electronic publishing, such as books, e-prints, journal articles, technical reports, and white papers.

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Digital Collections Librarian at University of Chicago Library

Posted in Digital Library Jobs on November 30th, 2012

The University of Chicago Library is recruiting a Digital Collections Librarian.

Here's an excerpt from the ad (Posting Number: 01559):

Reporting to the Associate University Librarian for Digital Services, the Digital Collections Librarian leads the Library's collection-building activities for locally-created digital materials. Establishes priorities, manages projects, coordinates cross-departmental workflows, participates in identifying digital collection development opportunities, and ensures that our locally-digitized collections are integrated into the overall collections and services. Working with the Library's decentralized digital production environment, the Librarian facilitates communication between staff across the Library working on digital projects and ensures stakeholders remain informed and engaged.

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Systems Administrator, Libraries at Indiana University Libraries

Posted in Library IT Jobs on November 30th, 2012

The Indiana University Libraries are recruiting a Systems Administrator, Libraries.

Here's an excerpt from the ad:

Manages servers and related systems and services in the Library Technologies and Digital Libraries Division of the IUB Libraries; works closely with the Senior Systems Administrator and two senior Systems Engineers; and researches, evaluates, recommends for purchase, installs, and configures servers, storage area networks, backup solutions, networking hardware, peripherals, services, etc. in accordance with Libraries practices and project/operational requirements. Develops and maintains installation and configuration procedures and system standards; researches and recommends innovative and, where possible, automated approaches for system administration tasks; participates as a technical representative on cross-departmental and cross-Libraries project teams in the initiation and planning phases of major projects.

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Georgia Institute of Technology Adopts Open Access Policy

Posted in Open Access, Publishing, Self-Archiving on November 30th, 2012

The Georgia Institute of Technology has adopted an open access policy.

Here's an excerpt:

Each Faculty member grants to Georgia Tech Research Corporation (hereinafter "GTRC") nonexclusive permission to make available his or her scholarly articles and to exercise the copyright in those articles for the purpose of open dissemination. In legal terms, each Faculty member grants to GTRC a nonexclusive, irrevocable, royalty-free, worldwide license to exercise any and all copyrights in his or her scholarly articles published in any medium, provided the articles are not sold or licensed for a profit by GTRC or any GTRC-granted licensee.

This policy applies to all published scholarly articles that any person authors or co-authors while appointed as a member of the Faculty, except for any such articles authored or co-authored before the adoption of this policy, or subject to a conflicting agreement formed before the adoption of this policy, or conducted under a classified research agreement. Upon notification by the author, the Provost or Provost's designate will waive application of this license for a particular article. At author request, access will be delayed for up to one year.

To assist in distributing the scholarly articles, each Faculty member will make available an electronic copy of his or her final version of the article at no charge to a designated representative of the Provost's Office in appropriate formats (such as PDF) specified by the Provost’s Office, no later than the date of publication.

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"Who’s Tracking Your Reading Habits? An E-Book Buyer’s Guide to Privacy, 2012 Edition"

Posted in E-Books, Privacy, Publishing, Reports and White Papers on November 30th, 2012

The EFF has released "Who's Tracking Your Reading Habits? An E-Book Buyer's Guide to Privacy, 2012 Edition."

Here's an excerpt:

As we've done since 2009, again we've taken some of the most popular e-book platforms and combed through their privacy policies for answers to common privacy questions that users deserve to know. In many cases, these answers were frustratingly vague and long-winded. In nearly all cases, reading e-books means giving up more privacy than browsing through a physical bookstore or library, or reading a paper book in your own home. Here, we've examined the policies of Google Books, Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, Kobo, Sony, Overdrive, Indiebound, Internet Archive, and Adobe Content Server for answers to the following questions:

  • Can they keep track of searches for books?
  • Can they monitor what you're reading and how you're reading it after purchase and link that information back to you? Can they do that when the e-book is obtained elsewhere?
  • What compatibility does the device have with books not purchased from an associated eBook store?
  • Do they keep a record of book purchases? Can they track book purchases or acquisitions made from other sources?
  • With whom can they share the information collected in non-aggregated form?
  • Do they have mechanisms for customers to access, correct, or delete the information?
  • Can they share information outside the company without the customer's consent?

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Senior Digital Library Developer at Northeastern University Libraries

Posted in Digital Library Jobs on November 30th, 2012

The Northeastern University Libraries are recruiting a Senior Digital Library Developer.

Here's an excerpt from the ad:

The Senior Digital Library Developer will develop and maintain the core technical infrastructure for a comprehensive digital library/repository service. Typical activities include: working with open-source and commercial applications to develop an OAIS compliant infrastructure that supports the ingestion, storage/preservation, and distribution of digital assets.

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Digital Repository Services Manager at California State University, Office of the Chancellor

Posted in Digital Library Jobs on November 30th, 2012

The California State University, Office of the Chancellor, is recruiting a Digital Repository Services Manager.

Here's an excerpt from the ad:

The California State University, Office of the Chancellor, is seeking a Digital Repository Services Manager to be responsible for the design, development, implementation, maintenance, and expansion of systemwide institutional repository and digital asset management services in support of campus-led digital library initiatives. The Manager will work closely with campus libraries and academic technology departments to define needs, set out best practices, and develop and maintain systems and tools to support institutional repository projects. The Manager will additionally work with other SDLS staff in support of discovery projects and initiatives.

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Senior Programmer/Analyst II at Dartmouth College Library

Posted in Digital Library Jobs on November 29th, 2012

The Dartmouth College Library is recruiting a Senior Programmer/Analyst II.

Here's an excerpt from the ad (position number: 1011453):

This position is the technical lead on a new multi-institutional digital publishing platform within the Dartmouth Digital Library Program. Installs, codes, documents, and maintains a digital publishing software system to deliver XML journal articles and associated supplemental files.

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Canadian Research Knowledge Network Will Cancel National License Agreement with American Chemical Society

Posted in Licenses, Publishing on November 29th, 2012

The Canadian Research Knowledge Network will cancel a national license agreement for the American Chemical Society's Web Editions and Legacy Archives products.

Here's an excerpt from the press release:

Termination of the CRKN-ACS license will take effect at the end of 2013, at which time participating libraries may choose to contract directly with ACS or implement alternate arrangements. . . .

Under ACS's new pricing, costs for participant libraries will be determined solely by usage, using the average number of full-text downloads from the most recent three years, and with participating institutions organized into usage bands. Any growth in usage that would move a participating institution into a higher usage band would result in a prohibitive price increase that could double or triple the cost of the ACS content. This pricing regime represents a huge financial risk for those libraries that are most committed to promoting ACS resources, and will penalize those who are most successful in integrating ACS content into new web- and mobile-based discovery and access systems that are used increasingly by university researchers and students.

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Systems Librarian at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Library

Posted in Library IT Jobs on November 29th, 2012

The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Library is recruiting a Systems Librarian.

Here's an excerpt from the ad:

The Systems Librarian will serve as a member of the Library's staff, under the direction of the Library Director. In addition to providing support for general Library functions, the Librarian will, in concert with other members of Library staff, administer various library systems and servers, provide web development support and provide website content maintenance for the Library and Shared Resources.

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"’The Way We Do It Here’: Mapping Digital Forensics Workflows in Collecting Institutions"

Posted in Digital Curation & Digital Preservation on November 29th, 2012

Martin J. Gengenbach A has self-archived his Master's theses "'The Way We Do It Here': Mapping Digital Forensics Workflows in Collecting Institutions."

Here's an excerpt:

The study presented in this paper used semi-structured interviews with archivists and curators to investigate the implementation of digital forensics practices for managing born-digital content in collecting institutions. . . . High-level workflow models based on the information gathered through those interviews provide additional documentation and context for archives and special collections seeking to develop their own processes

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Current News: Twitter Updates for 11/28/12

Posted in Current News: DigitalKoans Twitter Updates on November 28th, 2012
  • Open-Access Journals Cost 10-12% Less to Produce Than Toll-Access Journals of the Same Quality,
  • Open Access eBooks: The Next Big Thing?,
  • Another Digital Preservation Problem: Microsoft Lacks Specifications for Its Own Old Formats,
  • ALA Releases Media Kit to Help Libraries Make E-book Case to the Public,
  • New Video Released: A Conversation with Philosophers Richard Holton and Peter Suber on Open Access,

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