Gallerisso Exhibit of Charles W. Bailey, Jr.’s Digital Artwork

The Manhattan-based art website Gallerisso has put up an exhibit of Digital Scholarship publisher Charles W. Bailey, Jr.'s digital artwork.

Bailey primarily creates digital charcoal drawings, color pencil drawings, impasto paintings, pastel oil drawings, pastel drawings, pencil drawings, and watercolor paintings using photomanipulation software. He makes his artwork available at his Flickr photostream and Flickr RSS feed.

Here's an excerpt from the exhibit notes:

The work starts by cropping and sizing the image as needed. Afterwards, a series of Photoshop photomanipulation plug-ins are used to tease out what the artwork can be. Perhaps it initially needs the vividness and clarity of HDR processing. Perhaps it needs its level of detail enhanced or its color and contrast significantly adjusted. Perhaps it needs an even more radical adjustment, such as special photographic effects (e.g., a pinhole effect) or a complete color palette change. Or, perhaps all of these. Each change suggests the next in an exploratory process. The steps may be few or many, but eventually the image is ready to be transformed into some type of artwork. This final step typically uses art plug-ins or software optimized for this purpose that allow the artist to emulate a particular type of artwork and to fine-tune a wide range of interacting settings, such as brush size, stroke curvature and length, paint thickness, color variation, and canvas texture. In order to get unique artistic effects, multiple programs or plug-ins may be used in sequence. Final image adjustments may be made using Photoshop photomanipulation plug-ins.

Bailey Art Exhibit

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