"Coherence of ‘Open’ Initiatives in Higher Education and Research: Framing a Policy Agenda"

The "Coherence of 'Open' Initiatives in Higher Education and Research: Framing a Policy Agenda" by Sheila Corrall and Stephen Pinfield is available in IDEALS.

Here's an excerpt:

Within this context, our purpose here is to map out the current Open landscape from a policy development perspective, considering in particular the potential for greater coordination between different Open approaches. We first identify the main characteristics of the various Open domains, deploying a broad definition of "Open" to capture the present range of Open initiatives. We next advance and elaborate a high-level typology of Open to inform policy development, and discuss whether the different Open initiatives can be approached in a coordinated way as part of a single coherent policy agenda. We suggest that a framework put forward by Willinsky (2005) for understanding the convergence of open source, OA, and open science can extend to other Open domains. We then outline the potential shared benefits of the different Open approaches, which we argue strengthen the case for convergence, while also commenting on some limits of openness, and we conclude with our observations on the policy implications of our findings.

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