Born-Digital U.S. Federal Government Information: Preservation And Access

The Center for Research Libraries has released Born-Digital U.S. Federal Government Information: Preservation And Access.

Here's an excerpt:

But the migration of government information from print to digital has introduced new problems into the challenge of preserving government information. Very little government information is being deposited in FDLP libraries. In 2013 the Government Printing Office (GPO) estimated that 97% of federal government information was born-digital and current GPO policy limits FDLP deposit of digital information to so-called "tangible" objects such as CD-ROMs and DVDs (GPO 2006), which create their own preservation problems (Gano). While libraries played an essential role in preservation of government information in the print era, most born-digital government information is not held, managed, organized, served, or preserved by libraries.

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