Supervisory Information Technology Specialist at Library of Congress

The Library of Congress is recruiting a Supervisory Information Technology Specialist.

Here's an excerpt from the ad:

The Supervisory Information Technology specialist will be responsible for establishing and ensuring compliance with technical approaches to digital conversion and digital conversion workflows to meet the preservation and access needs of the Library, especially for materials that can be reproduced as still images. Specific duties include (I) serving as the Library's authority for technical conversion practices to be followed by Library staff and contractors, (2) coordinating the Still Image Group of the Federal Agencies Digitization Guidelines Initiative ( (3) ensuring that conversion policies and practices are consistent across the Library, and compatible with emerging standards in the national and international communities (4) providing authoritative guidance in the formulation of best practices for the life cycle management of converted materials and the resolution of complex problems or issues related to conversion of analog Library materials, (5) promoting exploration of promising approaches to the conversion of analog materials and the management of the resulting digital objects, and (6) coordinating with stakeholders within and outside of the Library of Congress to ensure the timely and successful execution of projects.

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