Canadian Researchers’ Publishing Attitudes and Behaviours

Canadian Science Publishing has released Canadian Researchers' Publishing Attitudes and Behaviours.

Here's an excerpt from the announcement:

Some key findings described in the report:

  • Researchers agree with principle, not cost, of open access (OA)
  • Almost half of the researchers reported publishing more than half of their research in open access format in past 2 years, yet availability of open access was 8 times less important than impact factor and 13 times less important than journal reputation when selecting a journal
  • For those who have published OA, institutions and tri-agency funding typically cover cost, yet many researchers indicated they did not know whether Canada's major funding bodies support OA
  • Peer review, reach, and discoverability are considered most important journal features
  • Use of repositories differs widely across disciplines
  • Laboratory/institutional blogs or websites and social media are increasingly being used for research dissemination

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