Digital Projects Coordinator at Library of Congress

The Library of Congress is recruiting a Digital Projects Coordinator.

Here's an excerpt from the ad.

The incumbent coordinates and facilitates the integration of digital and traditional library services through prototyping advanced systems related to digital reformatting and/or collecting original digital material to facilitate standards research. Individually and in collaboration with IT and digital media experts, the incumbent works with major program components that include archival facilities, new digital content policies, metadata and standards for content development, and new models for information access and delivery. The incumbent works with the library profession and information technology industry and various working groups throughout the Library involved in digital technologies and automated systems as they relate to standards for interoperability, especially of the digital media. These media span many forms of expression including text, graphic, photographic, moving image, cartographic, sound/audio, and mixed media to include web content. Standards projects may involve one or many of the digital material collections and are intended to establish and/or enhance standards for collecting, creating, and maintaining digital material online in a collaborative Internet-based environment.

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