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Making Open Access Work for Authors, Institutions and Publishers

Posted in Open Access, Publishing, Reports and White Papers, Scholarly Journals on January 19th, 2015 by Charles W. Bailey, Jr.

The Copyright Clearance Center has released Making Open Access Work for Authors, Institutions and Publishers.

Here's an excerpt from the announcement:

Copyright Clearance Center, Inc. (CCC), a global licensing and content solutions organization, recently brought together institutions from the UK and publishers from both the US and UK for an Open Access roundtable discussion to explore the implications of managing Open Access fees on a large scale. During this meeting, held at University College in London, the attendees examined a number of issues related to fragmentation, approach and processes, including ways vendors can play an expanded role in addressing the challenges. CCC published the group's findings in a report written by Rob Johnson, Founder and Director of Research Consulting.

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Scholarly Communication Librarian at Washington State University

Posted in Digital Library Jobs on January 19th, 2015 by Charles W. Bailey, Jr.

Washington State University is recruiting a Scholarly Communication Librarian.

Here's an excerpt from the ad:

The primary responsibility of this position is to implement plans and digital projects for moving the WSU Libraries forward in meeting the challenges of changing modes of scholarly communication. The position reports to the Head of Digital Scholarship and Curation (DSC). DSC is a new unit within the Libraries that encompasses all of the digital projects, assets and collections that the Libraries creates and maintains. In a broader context, the formation of DSC recognizes existing collaborations between the Libraries and the College of Arts and Sciences and signals an expanded relationship in the future.

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"Science 2.0 Repositories: Time for a Change in Scholarly Communication"

Posted in Digital Repositories, Open Science on January 19th, 2015 by Charles W. Bailey, Jr.

Massimiliano Assante, et al. have published "Science 2.0 Repositories: Time for a Change in Scholarly Communication" in D-Lib Magazine.

Here's an excerpt:

Information and communication technology (ICT) advances in research infrastructures are continuously changing the way research and scientific communication are performed. Scientists, funders, and organizations are moving the paradigm of "research publishing" well beyond traditional articles. The aim is to pursue an holistic approach where publishing includes any product (e.g. publications, datasets, experiments, software, web sites, blogs) resulting from a research activity and relevant to the interpretation, evaluation, and reuse of the activity or part of it. The implementation of this vision is today mainly inspired by literature scientific communication workflows, which separate the "where" research is conducted from the "where" research is published and shared. In this paper we claim that this model cannot fit well with scientific communication practice envisaged in Science 2.0 settings. We present the idea of Science 2.0 Repositories (SciRepos), which meet publishing requirements arising in Science 2.0 by blurring the distinction between research life-cycle and research publishing. SciRepos interface with the ICT services of research infrastructures to intercept and publish research products while providing researchers with social networking tools for discovery, notification, sharing, discussion, and assessment of research products.

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