"What It Means to Be Green: Exploring Publishers’ Changing Approaches to Green Open Access"

Elizabeth Gadd and Denise Troll Covey have published "What It Means to Be Green: Exploring Publishers' Changing Approaches to Green Open Access" in LSE Impact of Social Sciences.

Here's an excerpt:

To test the theory that publishers are in reality discouraging open access as defined at Bethesda and preferred by authors, we took a look at the number of publishers meeting the criteria for RoMEO Green over time and the number meeting the criteria for a 'redefined green', namely, allowing immediate deposit of the post-print in an institutional repository. We found that whilst the percentage of RoMEO Green publishers had increased 8% over the 12 years, the percentage meeting the 'redefined green' criteria decreased by 35% (Figure 1).

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