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VIVO 1.7 Released

Posted in Open Source Software, Scholarly Communication on July 3rd, 2014

The VIVO Project has released VIVO 1.7.

Here's an excerpt from the announcement:

The VIVO 1.7 release combines new features with improvements to existing features and services and continues to leverage the VIVO-Integrated Semantic Framework (VIVO-ISF) ontology introduced in VIVO 1.6. No data migration or changes to local data ingest procedures, visualization, or analysis tools drawing directly on VIVO data will be required to upgrade to VIVO 1.7.

VIVO 1.7 notably includes the results of an ORCID Adoption and Integration Grant to support the creation and verification of ORCID iDs. VIVO now offers the opportunity for a researcher to add and/or confirm his or her global, unique researcher identifier directly with ORCID without the necessity of applying through other channels and re-typing the 16-digit ORCID identifier.

What is VIVO?

VIVO is an open source semantic web application originally developed and implemented at Cornell. When installed and populated with researcher interests, activities, and accomplishments, it enables the discovery of research and scholarship across disciplines at that institution and beyond. VIVO supports browsing and a search function which returns faceted results for rapid retrieval of desired information. Content in any local VIVO installation may be maintained manually, brought into VIVO in automated ways from local systems of record, such as HR, grants, course, and faculty activity databases, or from database providers such as publication aggregators and funding agencies.

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    Omeka 2.1.4 Released

    Posted in Digital Archives and Special Collections, Open Source Software on February 7th, 2014

    The Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media has released Omeka 2.1.4.

    Here's an excerpt from the announcement:

    This maintenance release includes some style additions and corrections in the admin theme, as well as a fix to how records are sorted for newer versions of MySQL. . .

    Updated versions of the COinS and Exhibit Builder plugins are also bundled with this release, fixing an error in COinS for PHP 5.2. The updated Exhibit Builder plugin improves many parts of the styling, especially across interaction with many plugins, and expands the data returned by the API.

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      Wellcome Library Releases Digital Asset Player and Timeline Software

      Posted in Open Source Software on February 6th, 2014

      The Wellcome Library has released a digital asset player and timeline software.

      Here's an excerpt from the announcement:

      What does it feel like to interact with a digital version of a book? How can we replicate the experience of working with physical collections&—on the web? What features will enhance a researcher's experience of using digital collections? . . .

      We asked these big questions, along with innumerable others, during the development of the Wellcome Library's "digital asset player" and interactive timeline. Now we are offering the player and timeline software to you.

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        Open Monograph Press, Release 1.0

        Posted in E-Books, Open Access, Open Source Software, Publishing, Scholarly Books on March 28th, 2013

        The Public Knowledge Project has released the Open Monograph Press, Release 1.0.

        Here's an excerpt from the announcement:

        OMP is designed to assist university presses, learned societies, and scholar-publishers interested in publishing scholarly books in print-on-demand and multiple electronic formats, whether on an open access or purchase basis. OMP is intended to:

        • Handle edited volumes, with different authors for each chapter;
        • Involve editors, authors, reviewers, designers, indexers, and others in book production;
        • See submission through multiple rounds of both internal and external reviews;
        • Utilize industry standard ONIX for bookseller metadata requirements (e.g., Amazon);
        • Create document libraries for submissions, recording contracts, permissions, etc.;
        • Handle thumbnail covers in Catalog, as well as Spotlight features; and
        • Enable Series Editors to see books through review to publication.

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          "A Mobile Interface for DSpace"

          Posted in Digital Repositories, DSpace, Institutional Repositories, Open Source Software, Social Media/Web 2.0 on March 18th, 2013

          Elías Tzoc has published "A Mobile Interface for DSpace" in the latest issue of D-Lib Magazine.

          Here's an excerpt:

          Academic libraries were among the first adopters of mobile websites in universities, but much of the early development was focused exclusively on traditional library content such as the library's homepage, catalog, contact information, etc. As libraries continue to work on new technology developments, a mobile interface for their institutional repositories can be a good new way to reach out to faculty and other interested parties. Miami University's Scholarly Commons runs on DSpace as part of a shared infrastructure administered by OhioLINK. DSpace is used at academic institutions, research and resource centers, museums, national libraries, and government and commercial organizations. With over a thousand installations in more than 90 countries, DSpace is the most widely used open source repository platform by any measure. The steady popularity of DSpace suggests that a lot of institutions will benefit from an out-of-the-box mobile interface. This article describes the development and implementation of the first mobile interface developed for DSpace using the jQuery Mobile Framework.

          Note: Includes links to software.

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            Omeka 2.0 Released

            Posted in Digital Archives and Special Collections, Digital Asset Management Systems, Open Source Software on January 25th, 2013

            The Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media at George Mason University has released Omeka 2.0.

            Here's an excerpt from the announcement:

            The most important improvement is a completely revamped admin interface, which includes many features to improve workflow and make it easier to build your sites. The search functionality is also dramatically improved, and covers much more of the content in the sites. . . .

            Omeka users will notice improvements right away with an upgrade to 2.0 or the launch a new installation. For example, site administrators have much better tools to build custom site navigation without having to hack around in the code (Check for "Navigation" under the Appearance settings.) Also, you'll notice major improvements in file handling. Now you can reorder item files, and the system produces derivatives (thumbnails, etc.) from a much wider array of file types, not just image files.

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              Scholars’ Lab Releases BagIt and SolrSearch Plugins for Omeka

              Posted in Digital Archives and Special Collections, Digital Asset Management Systems, Open Source Software on October 9th, 2012

              The Scholars' Lab has Released BagIt and SolrSearch Plugins for Omeka.

              Here's an excerpt from the BagIt announcement:

              BagIt is a specification by the Library of Congress for creating containers of files with metadata. . . .

              The first part of this release is the BagIt PHP library. This is a generic PHP library for working with BagIt files. . . .

              The second part is the BagIt Omeka plugin. This is built upon the BagIt library and provides an easy-to-use user interface for it.

              Here's an excerpt from the SolrSearch announcement:

              SolrSearch allows you to replace Omeka's default search with Solr. Solr is a standard, popular, open source, fast text search engine server. It handles hit highlighting, date math, numeric aggregation functions (mean, max, etc.), indexing for 33 languages, replication, and many, many more things.

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                Digital Preservation: SiteStory Released

                Posted in Digital Curation & Digital Preservation, Open Source Software on August 19th, 2012

                Herbert van de Sompel has announced the release of SiteStory.

                Here's an excerpt:

                I am very pleased to announce the open source release of our SiteStory transactional web archiving solution. The solution is compatible with the Memento "Time Travel for the Web" framework and its current implementation can be used to archive Apache web servers.

                Read more about it at Memento: Adding Time to the Web.

                | Digital Curation Bibliography: Preservation and Stewardship of Scholarly Works | Digital Scholarship |

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