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Proposed Budget Cuts Threaten LSU Press

Posted in Higher Education Budget Cuts, Publishing, University Presses on May 7th, 2009

The Louisiana State University Press is listed in "Louisiana State University System: Preliminary Budget Reduction Proposals" under a $4,100,000 "Cut general fund support to academic support units" item, which says:

This cut will require certain academic support entities to implement new fees for their services or to increase their existing fees to students, faculty, staff, and/or the general public. Because of the nature of some of these entities and their fixed cost of operation, it is very possible they cannot generate the revenue needed and will close. Examples of units that may be impacted as a result of this type of decision are the LSU Museum of Art, Rural Life Museum, Hilltop Arboretum, LSU Press, Southern Review, Louisiana Library Network, Alumni Association and the Fire & Emergency Training Institute.

Read more about it at "Louisiana State U. Press Might Get the Ax."


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    Six University Presses Get Mellon Grant for Archaeology of the Americas Digital Monograph Initiative

    Posted in Grants, Publishing, University Presses on April 28th, 2009

    The Alabama Press, University of Arizona Press, the University Press of Colorado, the University Press of Florida, the Texas A&M University Press and the University of Utah Press have received a $282,000 one-year planning grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation for the Archaeology of the Americas Digital Monograph Initiative, a digital collection of New World archaeology scholarship.

    Here's an excerpt from the press release:

    Together, the institutions will explore ways to deliver data- and illustration-rich digital editions of cutting-edge archaeological research.

    The project, the "Archaeology of the Americas Digital Monograph Initiative," will give scholars and professional archaeologists the ability to review supplemental data not often contained in conventionally published volumes.

    "This initiative enables each press to break out of the traditional monograph form, in which it is often financially impossible to offer digital resources alongside the book," said Kathryn Conrad, interim director of the UA Press. . . .

    The books produced as part of this initiative will be enhanced by large data sets, color illustrations, video components, three-dimensional, rotatable images, and in some cases, interactive components such as reader commenting. . . .

    If the program reaches full implementation, the presses could potentially create a third-party entity devoted to the creation and maintenance of the digital platform.

    The presses also plan to work on a business model for the proposed platform. In addition, the presses plan to develop a prototype digital book, providing a workable platform that could potentially be used by scholarly presses around the world.

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      UC Press and the California Digital Library Announce University of California Publishing Services

      Posted in Digital Repositories, Open Access, Publishing, University Presses on April 22nd, 2009

      The University of California Press and the California Digital Library have announced their new University of California Publishing Services unit.

      Here's an excerpt from the post:

      This integrated system combines print distribution, sales, and marketing services offered by UC Press with the open access digital publishing services provided by the California Digital Library through eScholarship. UCPubS is part of the University of California's broader effort to ensure a sustainable scholarly publishing system in the service of research and teaching.

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        University of Washington Press to Publish for Kindle and Use BookSurge

        Posted in E-Books, Print-on-Demand, Publishing, University Presses on April 20th, 2009

        The University of Washington Press will begin to publish some converted print books as e-books for the Kindle. It also plans to begin to use Amazon's print-on-demand BookSurge service for some books.

        Read more about it at "UW Press Dabbles with Kindle, Amazon Print on Demand."

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          Cambridge University Press Staff Cuts Reduced

          Posted in Publishing, University Presses on April 7th, 2009

          After consultation and protests, Cambridge University Press is planning to limit job cuts in its printing division to 60 positions.

          Read more about it at "Cambridge University Press: Dons Step in as Digital Age Threatens Jobs at World's Oldest Publisher" and "Cambridge University Press Plans Scores of Job Cuts."

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            “Reflections on University Press Publishing”

            Posted in Publishing, Scholarly Books, University Presses on April 5th, 2009

            In "Reflections on University Press Publishing," a former University of Toronto Press executive examines the current state of university presses.

            Here's an excerpt:

            As the revenue from sales of books decreases, there has been a corresponding increase in the need for subventions. The average monetary loss from publication of a scholarly book is in the range of $10,000-$12,000—defined as the shortfall between anticipated revenue and all costs, including all fixed and variable costs. In Canada, the usual subvention for an academic book (provided by the Aid to Scholarly Publications Program) is $8000. Thus there is a need for $2000-$4000 in additional subvention for each book published. Some scholarly publishers are able to find this money from within their own operation—usually from private endowments. Frequently, publishers are asking authors to subsidize their own books—either from research funds or, in some cases, from their own pockets. In some cases, publishers are forced to ask authors to provide books in camera ready form—effectively becoming their own typesetters—to subsidize this cost.

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              Faced with 20% Sales Drop, University of New Mexico Press Cuts Jobs and May Outsource More

              Posted in Publishing, Scholarly Books, University Presses on April 1st, 2009

              In "U of New Mexico Press Downsizes," Rachel Deahl reports that the University of New Mexico Press is cutting jobs, and it may outsource warehouse/customer service operations to cope with a 20% sales decline.

              Read more about it at “Most. Revealing. Press Release. Ever“; “UNM Press Announces Reorganization“; and “UNM Press to Fire Three Employees.”

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                Estimated 10% Sales Drop at Harvard University Press

                Posted in Publishing, Scholarly Books, University Presses on April 1st, 2009

                According to “Harvard Press Sales Down,” Mary Kate Maco, Publicity Director at Harvard University Press, believes that sales at the press may have “declined similarly to the national average of 10 percent calculated by the American Association of University Presses.”

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