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Campus-based Publishing Partnerships: A Guide to Critical Issues

Posted in Digital Presses, Publishing, Research Libraries, University Presses on January 22nd, 2009

SPARC has published Campus-based Publishing Partnerships: A Guide to Critical Issues.

Here's an excerpt from the report's Web page:

SPARC’s Campus-based Publishing Partnerships: A Guide to Critical Issues addresses issues relevant to building sound and balanced partnerships, including:

  • Establishing governance and administrative structures;
  • Identifying funding models that accommodate the objectives of both libraries and presses;
  • Defining a partnership’s objectives to align the missions of the library and the press;
  • Determining what services to provide; and
  • Demonstrating the value of the collaboration.

Also see SPARC's new Campus-based Publishing Resource Center.

Utah State University Press May Lose University Subsidy

Posted in Higher Education Budget Cuts, Publishing, University Presses on January 20th, 2009

In "Could a Press End Up on Chopping Block?," Scott Jaschik reports that Utah State University may end its subsidy of its press if anticipated cuts in the state budget are made.

Stanford's HighWire Press Hits 5 Million Article Mark

Posted in Digital Presses, Open Access, Publishing, Scholarly Journals, University Presses on December 3rd, 2008

With the addition of a backfile 1884 article, "Dermatitis Herpetiformis," in JAMA: The Journal of the American Medical Association, HighWire Press, a division of the Stanford University Libraries, hit the five million article mark. Over two million of those articles are freely available.

Read more about it at "5 Million Articles Online at HighWire: The Evolution of an e-Publishing Platform."

Sandy Thatcher, Director of the Penn State University Press, to Retire

Posted in Publishing, University Presses on November 21st, 2008

Sandy Thatcher, prolific author and vocal advocate for university presses, will retire from his position as Director of the Penn State University Press. The Press has posted an ad for his position, and Tony Sanfilippo has written a tribute posting on the Are You Loving Publishing Today? blog. Sanfilippo's posting says: "Sandy won't be leaving until sometime next year, and he’s likely to continue to freelance as an acquisitions editor after that."

Academic Publishing Developments: Bloomsbury Academic and AAUP's Tizra Deal

Posted in Copyright, Open Access, Publishing, Scholarly Books, University Presses on October 2nd, 2008

In "2 New Digital Models Promise Academic Publishing for Profit," Chronicle of Higher Education reporter Jennifer Howard overviews two interesting developments in academic publishing: (1) the new Bloomsbury Academic imprint, which offers free access to books in PDF form under Creative Commons licenses (as well as print-on-demand versions), and (2) the Association of American University Presses' deal to give its members lower-cost access to Tizra's Publisher, a publishing e-commerce platform.

Mellon Foundation's 2007 Scholarly Publishing Initiatives

Posted in Publishing, Scholarly Books, Scholarly Communication, University Presses on July 28th, 2008

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has released its 2007 annual report, and the "Scholarly Publishing Initiatives" section by Donald J. Waters and Joseph S. Meisel is of particular interest. The complete report is available as a PDF file.

Read more about it at "Mellon Foundation Assesses the State of Scholarly Publishing" (Chronicle of Higher Education subscribers only).

More Coverage of the 2008 Association of American University Presses Annual Meeting: Plus Ça Change . . .

Posted in Publishing, University Presses on July 2nd, 2008

Inside Higher Ed has published "Digital Daze," in which Scott McLemee reports on the 2008 Association of American University Presses Annual Meeting.

Sue Havlish's (Vanderbilt University Press) comment on University Publishing In A Digital Age seemed to sum up the tone of the meeting regarding new publishing models:

The report's proposal of a comprehensive new publishing platform "is the 800 pound gorilla in the room," she said. "Nobody wants to look at the gorilla because we’re all scared of it. Some librarians think that putting a text in a repository is 'publishing' it. There’s a fear of our role as publishers being subsumed by the libraries. But I still want—and I think most people still want—a book that been edited, that’s been shaped into something and marketed to me by a publisher that I’ve heard of already."

Text of Georgia State University Filing in E-Reserves Copyright Case

Posted in Copyright, Digital Copyright Wars, E-Reserves, Publishing, University Presses on July 1st, 2008

Georgia State University's filing in copyright infringement suit the e-reserves copyright infringement suit brought against key GSU officials by three publishers is now available. It presents eighteen defenses, including sovereign immunity and fair use.

Read more about it at "Georgia State University Strongly Answers Publishers’ E-Reserve Lawsuit."

Coverage of the 2008 Association of American University Presses Annual Meeting

Posted in Publishing, University Presses on June 30th, 2008

The Chronicle of Higher Education has published an overview of the 2008 Association of American University Presses Annual Meeting by Jennifer Howard ("Scholarly Publishers Discuss How They're Adapting to Changing Realities"; restricted access).

An interesting revelation from the conference was that the University of Minnesota Press has found that its "sales figures through Amazon were 26 percent greater than its combined sales to libraries." Also, rumor had it that Amazon was pressing university presses hard to move any print-on-demand publishing to its BookSurge service (university presses aren't the only ones affected; has filed a class action suit against Amazon over its POD distribution policy).

Another interesting disclosure was that, with six exceptions, university presses have embraced Google Book Search.

In another CHE article ("Thunderstorms and Open Access"), Stan Katz of the Center for Arts and Cultural Policy Studies at Princeton recounted his trip to the conference, and, reacting to a speech by Stevan Harnad, said that "I fear that the obligation to 'publish' by mounting articles on free Web sites will make it impossible for nonprofit presses (such as the university presses I was addressing in Montreal) and learned societies to sustain themselves." Harnad has replied in "Exchange with Stan Katz at Association of American University Press Meeting in Montreal."

It's possible that there was more conference coverage on the AAUP Blog, but we'll never know, since access to that Weblog is restricted to AAUP members.

Princeton University Press to Release E-Book for the Kindle

Posted in E-Books, Publishing, University Presses on June 27th, 2008

Prior to print publication, Princeton University Press will release The Subprime Solution: How Today’s Global Financial Crisis Happened, and What to Do About It as an e-book for the Kindle, Amazon's e-book reader. The press currently sells e-books in the Adobe Acrobat Reader and Microsoft Reader formats.

Yesterday, Indiana University Press announced that it would sell e-books for the Kindle.

Read more about it at "University Presses Start to Sell Via Kindle."

Georgia State Sued by Three Publishers for Alleged Digital Copyright Infringement in E-Reserves, Course Management, and Other Systems

Posted in Copyright, Digital Copyright Wars, E-Reserves, Publishing, Scholarly Books, Scholarly Journals, University Presses on April 16th, 2008

Backed by the Association of American Publishers, Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, and SAGE Publications have sued Georgia State University alleging "systematic, widespread and unauthorized copying and distribution of a vast amount of copyrighted works" via GSU's e-reserves, course management, and other systems.

The suit "seeks injunctive relief to bring an end to such practices, but does not seek monetary damages." The defendants named in the suit are the GSU President, Provost, Dean of Libraries, and Associate Provost for Information Systems and Technology.

Read more about it at "Publishers Sue Georgia State on Digital Reading Matter" and "Publishers Take Action against Georgia State University Copyright Infringement."

Kate Wittenberg to Leave EPIC (Electronic Publishing Initiative at Columbia)

Posted in ARL Libraries, Digital Presses, Publishing, Scholarly Communication, University Presses on April 11th, 2008

The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that Kate Wittenberg, Director of the Electronic Publishing Initiative at Columbia (EPIC), will leave that post on June 30. Wittenberg says that she was told that Columbia University plans to shut down its electronic publishing operation.

Read more about it at "Is E-Publishing at Columbia U. on the Ropes?"

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