Daily Tweets 2010-08-26

Posted in Current News: DigitalKoans Twitter Updates on August 26th, 2010
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    "Publishing Practices of NIH-Funded Faculty at MIT"

    Posted in Open Access, Self-Archiving on August 25th, 2010

    Courtney Crummett et al. have published "Publishing Practices of NIH-Funded Faculty at MIT" in Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship.

    Here's an excerpt:

    Faculty and researchers who receive substantial funding from NIH were interviewed about their publication practices. Qualitative data was collected from interviews of eleven faculty members and one researcher representing six academic departments who received NIH funding. Interview responses were analyzed to identify a representative publication workflow and common themes related to the publication process. The goals of this study were to inform librarians about faculty publication practices; to learn how faculty are affected by and responding to NIH publication policy changes; and to inform planning and discussion about new services to support NIH compliance in addition to general faculty publishing.

    Major themes from the interviews included consistency in publishing workflows, but variety in authorship patterns and in data management practices. Significant points of pain for authors included difficulty finding quality reviewers, frustrating submission processes, and discomfort about the implications of publication agreements. Some authors found the NIH submission requirement to be burdensome, but most assumed their publishers were taking care of this process for them. Implications for library services are considered.

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      University of Michigan Press Begins Renting E-Books

      Posted in E-Books, University Presses on August 25th, 2010

      The University of Michigan Press has started an e-book rental program for over 250 e-books.

      Here's an excerpt from the announcement:

      Costs will range from 40% of list price for a 30-day rental to 75% of list price for a 180-day rental. For example, a paperback textbook might carry a list price of $22.95; it could be viewed as a rental for $10 for 30 days, or $18 for 180 days. Scholars who rent a book will have the option at the end of the rental period to buy it permanently at an additional charge. Purchased versions include additional interactive features.

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        IT Infrastructure Manager at Boston Public Library

        Posted in Library IT Jobs on August 25th, 2010

        Boston Public Library is recruiting an IT Infrastructure Manager.

        Here's an excerpt from the ad (job ID: 339126):

        The Information Technology (IT) Infrastructure Manager is responsible for leading the network and server teams, managing the network, server and telecommunications infrastructure, and providing technology architecture, IT security and high level network/security problem resolution expertise: to ensure a functioning and optimal computing infrastructure across the Boston Public Library's branch library locations, the central library and its departments, across both internal and public computing programs and services, and encompassing all online and onsite IT services.

        The IT Infrastructure Manager directly manages the network and server staff. The IT Infrastructure Manager will act internally and externally for the IT department as the deputy CTO as needed and on tasks and projects as assigned. This role will work closely and collaboratively with the IT Operations, Web Services and Applications Managers in particular to ensure a well coordinated delivery of IT services to internal and external customers. This role is also responsible for the on-call schedule, team scheduling, oversees personnel, and participates in strategic and budgetary planning procedures, including BPL's participation in the Federal eRate program. This is both a hands-on technical and managerial position. The position is also expected to maintain currency in cutting edge network and security technology and service delivery models, and provide appropriate leadership to BPL's IT department in this area.

        The IT Infrastructure Manager is responsible for maintaining the Data Center, Server, Storage and Network inventory; for procuring, supporting and delivering maintenance for included equipment and software licenses. They maintain vendor relationships with key service providers that support and provide technology and network services for the BPL infrastructure.

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          IBM and European Union Collaborate on IMPACT (IMProving Access to Text) Project

          Posted in Digitization, Mass Digitizaton on August 25th, 2010

          IBM and the European Union are collaborating on a mass digitization project called on IMPACT (IMProving Access to Text).

          Here's an excerpt from the press release:

          IBM and the EU have expanded their research collaboration, which now includes more than two-dozen national libraries, research institutes, universities, and companies across Europe to provide new technology that will enable highly-accurate digitization of rare and culturally significant historical texts on a massive scale. Unlike past digitization projects where the result has been static, online libraries of texts, this unique widescale effort, called IMPACT (IMProving Access to Text), will offer new tools and best practices to institutions across Europe that will enable them to efficiently and accurately continue to produce quality digital replicas of historically significant texts and make them widely available, editable and searchable online.

          Funded by the EU, IMPACT's research combines the power of new innovative Web-enabled adaptive optical character recognition (OCR) software with "crowd computing" technology—a fast growing concept designed around individuals, or 'crowds,' enhancing a process or product by sharing their knowledge and expertise to dramatically improve its quality and efficiency. Combined, these technologies will allow institutions for the first time to adapt digitization to the idiosyncrasies of old fonts, anomalies and even vocabularies–while reducing error rates by 35% and substitution rates by 75%.

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            Daily Tweets 2010-08-25

            Posted in Current News: DigitalKoans Twitter Updates on August 25th, 2010
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              Special Issue of The African Journal of Information and Communication on Scholarly Communication and Opening Access to Knowledge

              Posted in Open Access, Scholarly Communication on August 24th, 2010

              The African Journal of Information and Communication has published a special issue on scholarly communication and opening access to knowledge.

              Here's a selection of articles:

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                Chief Information Officer at the National Archives and Records Administration

                Posted in Library IT Jobs on August 24th, 2010

                The National Archives and Records Administration is recruiting a Chief Information Officer. Salary range: $119,554-$165,300.

                Here's an excerpt from the ad:

                Serves as Chief Information Officer and Assistant Archivist for Information Services. Directs staff activities involving agency-wide policy analysis, strategic planning, business process engineering, customer satisfaction, information resources management, agency-wide issuances, and internal records management.

                - Establishes goals and objectives for the organization; organizes the work, allocates resources, and establishes priorities for its completion. Monitors progress of assigned projects and adjusts priorities and resources as necessary.

                - Develops and manages a strategic IT plan which is fully integrated with NARA's Strategic Plan and enables NARA to fulfill its mission of providing ready access to essential evidence.

                - Formulates and carries out agency-wide policies, programs, and research with an emphasis on the implications of new technologies for archives and records management. Advises the Archivist and other senior NARA officials on policies crucial to the effective performance of agency programs, particularly in the areas of archival and information management. Proposals focus on implementing Presidential initiatives to streamline operations, reduce regulatory burdens, and improve customer service.

                - Directs the assessment and evaluation of agency-wide, inter-office, and office programs. Ascertains the effectiveness of current program approaches and techniques; evaluates the cost effectiveness of current work flow and operating procedures; and recommends the most effective method for applying sound archival and information management concepts. Assessments and evaluations focus on the extent to which NARA's mission is accomplished and the level of service provided to NARA's customers. Consults with technical staffs to develop and refine specific operating and policy proposals and resolve areas of conflict and disagreement to achieve consensus. Identifies resources needed to effect actions and establishes specific implementation plans. Identifies priorities for executive/legislative action.

                - Provides executive-level consultation on existing and potential problems by conducting one-time or recurring studies of major programs and issues. Studies are highly complex, require a multi-disciplinary approach to solutions, and broad experience in archival management to define the issues and conduct the studies. Identifies existing or potential problems and determines feasible alternatives to correct deficiencies. Reports contain clearly defined, archivally sound, and practical methods of improvement.

                - Analyzes and refines studies by internal work groups, legislative oversight committees, constituent groups, etc., recommending fundamental changes in the organization and operation of the agency, its resources, legal and regulatory bases, relationships with external organizations, and other factors which determine how the agency defines and carries out its mission. Directs additional studies by agency staff and external resources to validate findings and recommendations and ensure a sound basis for action.

                - Represents the Archivist in contacts to solicit the continuing support of external constituencies for agency reinvention/restructuring actions. Makes formal presentations to the Archivist, senior management officials, employee organizations, OMB/Congressional staffs, and external organizations. Explains benefits of planned changes, analyzes comments and recommendations, resolves differences, and maintains positive contact during implementation and follow-up stages.

                - Develops, mentors and leads a staff of IT professionals to effectively integrate their talents and capabilities to meet the current and future IT needs of NARA and its customers.

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