No Contract Awarded for GPO Mass Digitization of All Federal Publications

Posted in Digitization, Mass Digitizaton, Public Domain, Publishing on October 7th, 2009

The U.S. Government Printing Office has been unable to award a contract for the digitization of all Federal publications.

Here's an excerpt from the announcement:

In 2004, GPO proposed digitizing all retrospective Federal publications back to the earliest days of the Federal Government. Following the conduct of a pilot project in 2006 and its evaluation in 2007, we issued an RFP in 2008 for a cooperative relationship with a public or private sector participant or participants where the uncompressed, unaltered files created as a result of the conversion process would be delivered to GPO at no cost to the Government, for ingest into GPO's Federal Digital System (FDsys). Unfortunately, we were unable to make an award for this RFP in the allocated timeframe.

We are very disappointed in this setback, but are currently developing new digitization alternatives. In addition to our longstanding goal of serving as one of the repositories for electronic files through the submission of material to FDsys, our focus for digitization will be on coordinating projects among institutions, assisting in the establishment and implementation of preservation guidelines, maintaining a registry of digitization projects, and ensuring that there is appropriate bibliographic metadata for the titles in the collection.

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    University of Illinois' IDEALS Repository Tops One Million Downloads

    Posted in Institutional Repositories, Open Access, Self-Archiving on October 7th, 2009

    The University of Illinois' IDEALS institutional repository has topped one million downloads.

    Here's an excerpt from the announcement:

    The Illinois Digital Environment for Access to Learning and Scholarship (IDEALS), a digital repository for research and scholarship developed at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, has surpassed its one-millionth download.

    The service, offered through the University Library and Campus Information Technologies and Educational Services (CITES), is sponsored by the Office of the Provost at Illinois and was launched in 2006. The campus institutional repository includes articles, working papers, preprints, technical reports, conference papers and, data sets in various digital formats provided by University faculty, staff, and graduate students. Although central to the University of Illinois, anyone can access and benefit from IDEALS collections and services. "Today, over 12,000 items have been uploaded into IDEALS," said Sarah Shreeves, associate professor and IDEALS coordinator. "The success of this service has surpassed what anyone envisioned two and a half years ago, and we hope that others in the Illinois community will take advantage of its services."

    The mission of IDEALS is to preserve and provide persistent and reliable access to digital research and scholarship in order to give these works the greatest possible recognition and distribution. IDEALS endeavors to ensure that its materials appear in search engines such as Google, Google Scholar, and Bing and that the majority of the research is openly available for anyone to access. As a result of its efforts to disseminate research produced at the University of Illinois, IDEALS was recently ranked in the top 10 of institutional repositories worldwide. "I am delighted with the exposure that IDEALS has provided us with. Whenever we place a thesis or a report, the downloads start and never stop. We get many comments back from readers and researchers who have seen our work only on IDEALS," said Amr Elnashai, head, Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

    IDEALS contains a wealth of diverse information, from a Mid-America Earthquake Center report on the Kashmir Earthquake of 2005 to the Ethnography of the University Initiative’s publications and presentations, including campus folklore and cultural perceptions. "I appreciate that my thesis is archived in a stable location for reliable long-term access. The document is now freely available to anyone in the world, yet I retain the copyright," said David P. Hruska, an Illinois graduate. "Furthermore, my thesis is now displayed in search results returned by Google Scholar, improving the dissemination of my research."

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      Dean of University Libraries Candidates Interview at Indiana University

      Posted in ARL Libraries, People in the News on October 6th, 2009

      Candidates for the Ruth Lilly Dean of University Libraries position at Indiana University are interviewing this week. The candidates are Brenda Johnson (Dean of University Libraries at the University of California, Santa Barbara) and Diane Parr Walker (Deputy University Librarian at the University of Virginia).

      Read more about it at "Library Dean Candidates Visit Today."

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        Deputy Director at UKOLN

        Posted in Digital Library Jobs on October 6th, 2009

        UKOLN is recruiting a Deputy Director.

        Here's an excerpt from the ad:

        UKOLN is a centre of expertise in digital information management based at the University of Bath, providing advice and services to the library, information, education and cultural heritage communities.

        We are seeking to recruit a Deputy Director to provide outstanding leadership and strategic direction to all technical activity within UKOLN, to assure our position at the forefront of innovative Digital Library (DL) developments. This is a key senior post within the UKOLN organisation and will be based at the University of Bath.

        The post requires vision, strategic insight and innovation associated with the implementation and development of DLs within the education, research or cultural heritage sectors. Applicants should have extensive and in-depth technical knowledge of DLs and associated interoperability issues, knowledge of emerging Web technologies and an understanding of their potential for education and research. An established international reputation in the DL arena, together with a track record for leading and shaping innovative activities, is highly desirable.

        The post also requires significant experience of securing funding awards and income generation. Applicants will have extensive experience of leading teams, directing multiple projects to a successful outcome/completion and be outstanding communicators with well-developed influencing and negotiating skills and a proven ability to produce high quality reports, papers and presentations.

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          SWORD PHP Library Version 0.9

          Posted in Digital Repositories, Institutional Repositories, Open Source Software, Self-Archiving on October 6th, 2009

          The SWORD PHP library version 0.9 has been released. SWORD is "a lightweight protocol for depositing content from one location to another. It stands for Simple Web-service Offering Repository Deposit and is a profile of the Atom Publishing Protocol (known as APP or ATOMPUB)."

          Here's an excerpt from the announcement:

          • Changed swordappservicedocument to build the servcedocument from the xml response rather than having the swordappclient do the work. This allows the service document to be parsed at a later time.
          • Changed the swordappclient deposit method to stream the file being deposited straight from disk rather than via memory to avoid using excessive memory and potentially exceeding the PHP memory limit. I’ve successfully tested this against DSpace with deposits of 600MB CD images.
          • Added some validation to the SWAP/METS packager to allow it to cope with filenames and metadata containing ampersands
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            Jerry Kline's SkyRiver to Take on OCLC

            Posted in Metadata, OCLC on October 6th, 2009

            Jerry Kline, owner of Innovative Interfaces, is launching a new company, SkyRiver, on Friday that will compete with OCLC's cataloging services. SkyRiver's database will initially include about 20 million bibliographic records.

            Read more about it at "New Company SkyRiver Sparks Cataloging Competition with OCLC."

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              Gawronski v. Amazon's New Kindle Deletion Rules

              Posted in Digital Rights Management, E-Books, Publishing on October 6th, 2009

              As a result of the settlement of the Gawronski et al. v. Inc et al. case (about the deletion of George Orwell e-books), will comply with new rules regarding deletion of digital works on Kindles.

              Here's an excerpt:

              For copies of Works purchased pursuant to TOS granting "the non-exclusive right to keep a permanent copy" of each purchased Work and to "view, use and display [such Works] an unlimited number of times, solely on the [Devices] . . . and solely for [the purchasers'] personal, non-commercial use," Amazon will not remotely delete or modify such Works from Devices purchased and being used in the United States unless (a) the user consents to such deletion or modification; (b) the user requests a refund for the Work or otherwise fails to pay for the Work (e.g., if a credit or debit card issuer declines to remit payment); (c) a judicial or regulatory order requires such deletion or modification; or (d) deletion or modification is reasonably necessary to protect the consumer or the operation of a Device or network through which the Device communicates (e.g., to remove harmful code embedded within a copy of a Work downloaded to a Device). This paragraph does not apply to (a) applications (whether developed or offered by Amazon or by third parties), software or other code; (b) transient content such as blogs; or (c) content that the publisher intends to be updated and replaced with newer content as newer content becomes available. With respect to newspaper and magazine subscriptions, nothing in this paragraph prohibits the current operational practice pursuant to which older issues are automatically deleted from the Device to make room for newer issues, absent affirmative action by the Device user to save older issues.

              Read more about it at "Amazon Settles Kindle '1984' Lawsuit" and " to Pay $150,000 to Settle Suit Challenging Take-Back of 1984."

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                Vernor v. Autodesk: First Sale Doctrine Covers Licensed Software

                Posted in Copyright, Licenses on October 5th, 2009

                U.S. District Court Judge Richard A. Jones has ruled that resale of licensed software from Autodesk is not a copyright violation.

                Here's an excerpt:

                The legislative history of § 109 and § 117 informs the court's decision in several respects. First, as the court noted, it suggests that "owner" not only had the same meaning when both sections were enacted, but that the meaning was that ascribed to the term in decisions like Wise. Congress did not amend the term "owner" when amending the statutes. Second, the legislative history reveals not only that Congress has modified § 117 and § 109 to specifically address computer software, but that when it does so, its modifications are not subtle. This makes it even more improbable that Congress ascribes two different meanings to "owner." Third, the legislative history shows that despite incentive and opportunity to modify the term "owner," Congress has not done so. . . .

                Autodesk's claim that Mr. Vernor promotes piracy is unconvincing. Mr. Vernor's sales of AutoCAD packages promote piracy no more so than Autodesk's sales of the same packages. Piracy depends on the number of people willing to engage in piracy, and a pirate is presumably just as happy to unlawfully duplicate software purchased directly from Autodesk as he is to copy software purchased from a reseller like Mr. Vernor. The court notes, moreover, that even if CTA had never opened its AutoCAD packages, never installed the software on its computer, and thus never raised the possibility of piracy, Autodesk would still take the position that CTA's resale of those packages was a copyright violation.

                Read more about it at "It's Still A Duck: Court Re-Affirms That First Sale Doctrine Can Apply to 'Licensed' Software."

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                  Librarian (Systems) at the National Agricultural Library

                  Posted in Library IT Jobs on October 5th, 2009

                  The National Agricultural Library is recruiting a Librarian (Systems).

                  Here's an excerpt from the ad:

                  The duties that the incumbent performs involve tasks that require a full professional knowledge of theories, objectives, principles, and techniques of librarianship with an emphasis on library automation.

                  Duties include the following:

                  Tests and evaluates new or updated databases, software modifications, or changes to Technical Services Division and/or other Library automated systems as needed. Refines and improves systems based on testing and user input.

                  Manages the overall operations of the automated processing system for acquisitions.

                  Develops plans or contract actions for automation projects including file conversions, special file maintenance activities, electronic data interchange, etc.

                  Creates SQL queries and reports to identify management information, solve workflow issues, provide quality control, and support management decisions.

                  Prepares, reviews, or oversees the preparation and review of system requirements and writes functional specifications for system development projects within the Technical Services Division, or the Library as a whole.

                  Applies advanced knowledge and expertise of Integrated Library Systems (ILS), report writing, online files and processing procedures, system analysis techniques and bibliographic and holdings control standards to the solution of technical processing problems to improve operating efficiency within the branch. Makes recommendations to senior management for modifications that improve efficiency of operations and/or the quality of products.

                  Coordinates training or trains division personnel, contractors and library staff from NAL and outside agencies in the use of technical processing systems.

                  Serves as a microcomputer support coordinator in providing assistance to Branch staff using microcomputer software and hardware.

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                    SWORD2 Project Final Report

                    Posted in Digital Repositories, DSpace, EPrints, Fedora, Institutional Repositories, Self-Archiving on October 5th, 2009

                    JISC has released SWORD2 Project Final Report.

                    Here's an excerpt:

                    The SWORD vision is about 'lowering the barriers to deposit', primarily for depositing content into repositories, and additionally, for depositing into any system which may wish to receive content from remote sources. The SWORD protocol defines a standard mechanism for depositing into repositories and other systems. The project and protocol were developed because there was previously no standardised way of doing this. A standard deposit interface allows repository services to be built that can offer functionality such as deposit from multiple locations, e.g. disparate repositories, desktop drag'n'drop tools, or from within standard office applications. SWORD can also facilitate deposit to multiple repositories, increasingly important for depositors who wish to deposit to funder, institutional or subject repositories. There are many other possibilities, including migration of content between repositories and transfer to preservation services. In addition to refining the existing SWORD application profile, the SWORD2 project has developed a number of tools and services to demonstrate these possibilities. It has also been pro-active in promoting SWORD and encouraging uptake within other repositories, services and tools, notably with its adoption into the Microsoft Article Authoring Add-in for Word 2007 and with the new Microsoft Zentity repository system .

                    The core aims of the project were to update the SWORD Protocol, the SWORD repository code libraries in the DSpace, Fedora, EPrints and Intrallect repositories, and the existing reference demonstrators. A Facebook application and validator have also been developed. Advocacy efforts include an e-learning case study, a briefing paper, a new SWORD website, and a range of additional dissemination activities, including conference papers, presentations, demonstrations and workshops at a number of national and international conferences and meetings.

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                      University of Maryland: "What's the Opposite of a Pyrrhic Victory?: Lessons Learned from an Open Access Defeat"

                      Posted in Open Access on October 5th, 2009

                      In "What's the Opposite of a Pyrrhic Victory?: Lessons Learned from an Open Access Defeat," Tim Hackman examines the defeat of an open access resolution at the University of Maryland.

                      Here's an excerpt:

                      The "Faculty Voice"; article on open access published in March 2009 had been the first of its kind at UM, and discussion and drafting of the resolution had taken place mostly behind closed doors within the Faculty Affairs Committee, without involving the rest of the Senate. A handful of interested departments (almost all of them in the sciences) had met with representatives from the libraries to discuss scholarly communication and open access, but the majority of faculty members had no direct contact with someone who could explain the issue and its importance and answer specific questions. It was hoped that the faculty newsletter article would help in this regard, but it was a case of too little too late. The lesson then is don't assume faculty understand the situation or sympathize with the library's point of view.

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                        Yale: "Digitization Project Derailed"

                        Posted in ARL Libraries, Digitization, Mass Digitizaton on October 5th, 2009

                        In "Digitization Project Derailed," Carol Hsin discusses the status of digitization efforts at the Yale University Library. (Thanks to ResourceShelf.)

                        Here's an excerpt:

                        Four months after Microsoft abruptly terminated its multi-million dollar book digitization deal with the University, Yale officials said they will have to wait for donations or grants to come in before they start another major book scanning project.

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