XC User Research Preliminary Report

Posted in Federated Searching, Google and Other Search Engines, OPACs/Discovery Systems on June 17th, 2009

Nancy Fried Foster has self-archived XC User Research Preliminary Report in UR Research.

Here's the abstract:

This report summarizes the objectives, methods, and major software design findings from the data collected in the user research portion of the eXtensible Catalog (XC) project. A full analysis and interpretation of the data is not included here and will be provided at the conclusion of the project. This report includes edited results from the brainstorming sessions and a list of the features that emerged from the analysis of those results.

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    Harvard Graduate School of Education Faculty Adopt Open Access Policy

    Posted in Copyright, Open Access, Self-Archiving on June 17th, 2009

    The Harvard Graduate School of Education faculty have adopted an open access policy. (Thanks to Open Access News.)

    Here's an excerpt from the press release:

    The faculty of the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE) voted overwhelmingly at its last faculty meeting to allow the university to make all faculty members' scholarly articles publicly available online. The resolution makes HGSE the fourth of Harvard's 10 schools to endorse open access to faculty research publications. The Faculties of Arts and Sciences, the Harvard Law School, and the Harvard Kennedy School all passed similar policies in recent months. . . .

    As a result of the resolution, HGSE faculty will now provide their scholarly articles to the Harvard Office for Scholarly Communication for deposit in an open access digital repository that is currently under development. When the repository launches later this year, the contents will be freely available to the public, unless an author chooses to embargo or block access. The policy makes rights sharing with publishers and self-archiving the default, while allowing faculty to waive Harvard's license on a case-by-case basis, at the author's discretion.

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      Papers/Presentations from Open Repositories Conference 2009

      Posted in Digital Repositories, Institutional Repositories on June 16th, 2009

      Papers and presentations from the Open Repositories Conference 2009 are available in the 4th International Conference on Open Repositories collection of Georgia Tech's SMARTech repository.

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        Nevada Statewide Digital Planning 2008-2009: Final Report

        Posted in Digitization on June 16th, 2009

        The Nevada Statewide Digital Advisory Committee and the Nevada State Library and Archives have released the Nevada Statewide Digital Planning 2008-2009: Final Report (Thanks to Virtual Library Notes).

        Here's an excerpt:

        The Statewide Digital Plan (April, 2009) was developed under the leadership of the Nevada State Library and Archives (NSLA) and the Statewide Digital Advisory Committee (SDAC) (Appendix A). Through a series of activities that involved a wide range of Nevadans, including the cultural heritage community, K-12 community, and community arts organization, four goals and objectives were developed and activities prioritized.

        Over the next five years the library and cultural heritage community will focus on these goals:

        Goal I: Provide online access to digital collections held by Nevada cultural heritage organizations and allied information providers that are distributed throughout Nevada.

        Goal II: Develop & implement standards/best practices that will support access to Nevada’s digital collections.

        Goal III: Develop a leadership/governance structure that will support the growth and sustainability of a standards-compliant digital initiative created by Nevada’s cultural heritage organizations and allied information providers.

        Goal IV: Establish a collaborative digitization model where the full range of types and sizes of Nevada cultural heritage organizations and allied information providers can participate.

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          Simon & Schuster to Sell E-Books on Scribd

          Posted in E-Books, Publishing on June 16th, 2009

          Simon & Schuster will sell e-books on Scribd.

          Here's an excerpt from the press release:

          At launch, nearly 5,000 Simon & Schuster eBook titles will be available on Scribd for purchase and download, making them readable on Scribd.com, computer desktops and various mobile devices. The Simon & Schuster storefront on Scribd (www.scribd.com/Simon&Schuster) will include bestselling books from authors such as Stephen King, Dan Brown, Mary Higgins Clark, Chelsea Handler and Steve Martin. In addition, Simon & Schuster will also make thousands of printed titles available for preview with links to purchase from the Simon & Schuster website and other retailers. . . .

          All works in the Scribd Store are added to Scribd's Copyright Management System, an industry-leading technology that helps prevent the upload of unauthorized written works. Publishers like Simon & Schuster have the ability to determine how works are read, including settings for "read only on Scribd.com,” "download” and "download with DRM." In addition, Scribd provides publishers with the flexibility to experiment with pricing, which can be changed easily and at any time.

          Read more about it at "Does Simon & Schuster's Scribd Deal Challenge the Kindle?," "Scribd: An E-Book Upstart with Unlikely Fans," and "Simon & Schuster in Deal with Scribd to Sell E-Books."

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            American Institute of Physics Will Use CLOCKSS Digital Archive

            Posted in Digital Curation & Digital Preservation, Publishing on June 16th, 2009

            The American Institute of Physics will use the CLOCKSS (Controlled Lots of Copies Keep Stuff Safe) "dark" digital archive.

            Here's an excerpt from the press release:

            CLOCKSS will make AIP content freely available in the event that AIP is no longer able to provide access. . . .

            The CLOCKSS initiative was created in response to the growing concern that digital content purchased by libraries may not always be available due to discontinuation of an electronic journal or because of a catastrophic event. CLOCKSS creates a secure, multi-site archive of web-published content that can be tapped into to provide ongoing access to researchers worldwide, free of charge.

            "Today, when over one half of all our subscriptions are online only, we owe it to our customers more than ever to provide the best security possible for their electronic products," said Mark Cassar, AIP's Acting Publisher. "Our nearly three-year-old partnership with Portico, and now our participation in the CLOCKSS initiative, solidifies this commitment."

            CLOCKSS' decentralized, geographically distributed preservation strategy ensures that the digital assets of the global research community will survive intact. Additionally, it satisfies the demand for locally situated archives with 15 archive nodes planned worldwide by 2010.

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              “Google Book Search Settlement: Foster Competition, Escrow the Scans”

              Posted in Copyright, E-Books, Google and Other Search Engines, Mass Digitizaton, Publishing on June 16th, 2009

              In "Google Book Search Settlement: Foster Competition, Escrow the Scans," Peter Eckersley proposes that digitized books involved in the Google Book Search Settlement Agreement be put in escrow for some period, then made freely available.

              Here's an excerpt:

              One good compromise might be to require that anyone who takes a blanket license (whether under the Google Book Search settlement, or under any legislation that might expand the settlement to others) must deposit a copy of the raw scans that they create with the Library of Congress or with the entity that administers the blanket license (e.g., the Books Rights Registry). After a period of years, let's say 14, the term of the Founder's Copyright, those scans should be made available at no cost to any others who take the relevant copyright licenses.

              This would not only encourage market entry and competition in the online digital books arena, but would also foster innovation in the field. There's nothing that encourages digital innovation quite like access to an enormous dataset. After all, before Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded Google, they were graduate students at Stanford. They were able to build a new search engine by downloading their own copy of the web, messing around with it, and figuring our a better algorithm for querying it. New start-ups working with digital books should have the same kind of opportunity.

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                Stanford University Libraries Have Laid Off 32 Employees, Will Close Physics Library

                Posted in ARL Libraries, Higher Education Budget Cuts, Research Libraries on June 15th, 2009

                The Stanford University Libraries and Academic Information Resources have laid off 32 employees, eliminated 26 vacant positions, and plan to close the Physics Library in 2010.

                Here's an excerpt from the announcement:

                University Libraries announced Wednesday that it has laid off 32 employees. It also offered nine other staff members the option of being laid off and receiving severance benefits instead of staying in revamped positions at reduced pay or reduced hours.

                The unit also announced plans to permanently close the Physics Library in the summer of 2010 and transfer its holdings to other locations. . . .

                "This has been a challenging process and layoffs have been undertaken only after careful assessment of all budget options," said University Librarian Michael Keller.

                "We greatly regret the need to lay off staff who have been dedicated to the library and its mission. However, the elimination of these positions will enable us to balance our budget. I am confident that we can weather the crisis, and we begin immediately the important task of revamping and rebuilding our organization."

                All told, more than 60 library positions have been affected by layoffs, reassignments and other cost-cutting measures to meet the 2010 budget reduction mandated by the university.

                University Libraries has also eliminated 26 vacant positions.

                In addition to trimming its workforce, University Libraries has cut expenses by reducing the purchase of books, journals and online subscriptions; closing Green Library at 1 a.m.; eliminating patron outreach programs, including the semi-annual magazine Imprint; and eliminating most staff travel.

                In Stanford Provost John Etchemendy's "2009-2010 Stanford University Budget Plan" presentation on 05/28/09 to the Faculty Senate, it was stated that the Libraries face a 13.5% general funds budget reduction.

                In "University Budget Announced," Etchemendy is reported as saying that the Stanford Auxiliary Libraries project must proceed, noting that:

                "If we don’t build that soon, Mike’s going to have to start burning books," Etchemendy said, referring to University Librarian Michael Keller.

                Read more about the Stanford University budget situation at "Cuts to Hiring Will Affect Growth, Composition of Faculty"; "Provost Announces Salary Freeze, Additional Cuts for FY 10"; "Provost Outlines Next Year's Budget"; "Recession Leads to Strategic Shift"; and "University Suspends $1.3 Billion in Capital Projects."

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                  Digital Library Jobs: Institutional Repository and Digital Collections Librarian at Missouri University of Science and Technology

                  Posted in Digital Library Jobs on June 15th, 2009

                  The Curtis Laws Wilson Library of the Missouri University of Science and Technology is recruiting an Institutional Repository and Digital Collections Librarian.

                  Here's an excerpt from the ad:

                  Lead the production and organization of the Scholars' Mine, Missouri S&T's Institutional Repository (http://scholarsmine.mst.edu). Innovate and grow the Repository's collection and system to be a trend-setting leader in repository form and function. Hire and train student workers to assist with the processing of faculty and student works into the repository. Lead the Mine Team, consisting of library and IT department staff, to continue the development of the Scholars' Mine. Lead an advisory committee of campus faculty to ensure the needs and interests of the campus are known. Interact with faculty to discover new collections, present the repository concept to various campus groups and perform general outreach activities regarding repository functions. Act as the liaison between various campus entities that have a stake in the repository including the library, faculty, administration, information technology and students. Additionally, both as part of the Scholars' Mine operation and in general, act as advisor on copyright concerns from both the author and publisher standpoint to ensure compliance in all areas as the Scholars' Mine adds materials. Work with other University of Missouri campus libraries and the UM Library Systems Office on cooperative projects in the area of digital collections. Assist in identifying local resources to digitize and serve as the primary organizer and expert in deciding the correct platform to host the content.

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                    RoMEO Application Programmers’ Interface Version 2.4 Released

                    Posted in Open Access, Publishing, Scholarly Journals, Self-Archiving on June 15th, 2009

                    SHERPA has released version 2.4 of the RoMEO Application Programmers' Interface (API).

                    Here's an excerpt from the announcement:

                    The new version uses a totally new algorithm and is faster than earlier 1.x versions. It also supplies data for the fields that were missing in earlier versions—paid open access, and compliance with research funders' mandates. . . .

                    If you are using an older version of the prototype, we strongly recommend that you upgrade your application to use V.2.4 as soon as possible, because we will be discontinuing the old versions at the end of 2009. Version 2.4 is largely compatible with earlier versions. The main things that may require attention are: the new URL, handling the extra fields, and handling changes to the parameter and copyright fields.

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                      Stanford Ends Support for Conservation OnLine (CoOL)

                      Posted in ARL Libraries, Digital Curation & Digital Preservation on June 15th, 2009

                      Catherine Tierney, Associate University Librarian for Technical Services at the Stanford University Libraries, has announced in a padg mailing list message that, due to budget constraints, the Libraries will no longer be able to support Conservation OnLine (CoOL). The Libraries had supported CoOL for 22 years.

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                        “One Year (Almost) with the Open Access Authors Fund”

                        Posted in ARL Libraries, Open Access, Publishing, Scholarly Journals on June 15th, 2009

                        Andrew Waller has self-archived his "One Year (Almost) with the Open Access Authors Fund" presentation in E-LIS.

                        Here's the abstract:

                        This presentation described the origin of and policies and procedures relating to the Open Access Authors Fund at the University of Calgary. The activities of the Fund in its first year were presented and discussed. Other Open Access activities at the University of Calgary were also briefly discussed.

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