"Data Preservation in High Energy Physics"

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David M. South has self-archived "Data Preservation in High Energy Physics" in arXiv.org.

Here's an excerpt:

Data from high-energy physics (HEP) experiments are collected with significant financial and human effort and are in many cases unique. At the same time, HEP has no coherent strategy for data preservation and re-use, and many important and complex data sets are simply lost. In a period of a few years, several important and unique experimental programs will come to an end, including those at HERA, the b-factories and at the Tevatron. An inter-experimental study group on HEP data preservation and long-term analysis (DPHEP) was formed and a series of workshops were held to investigate this issue in a systematic way. The physics case for data preservation and the preservation models established by the group are presented, as well as a description of the transverse global projects and strategies already in place.

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Digital Services Librarian at San José State University

Posted in Digital Library Jobs on January 20th, 2011

The Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library at San José State University is recruiting a Digital Services Librarian.

Here's an excerpt from the ad:

The successful applicant will provide vision and direction for a growing suite of services supporting scholarship; provide support in the continued development and management of the digital archives; keep current with the latest technologies, and develop and implement ideas for applications in new and current services; provide expertise and leadership for current and future SJSU e-scholarship projects such as electronic journal publishing and data curation; provide expertise on intellectual property issues; maintain awareness and develop in-depth knowledge of new technology, relevant national standards and best practices related to digitization and scholarship; and coordinate resource management and training for digitization and associated standards. Ability to work cooperatively and maintain effective, creative, and flexible working relationships with colleagues, faculty, staff and students. Incumbent will serve at the reference desk and provide some classroom instruction, with some evening and weekend hour assignments. Works closely and cooperatively with the Director of Special Collections and Archives, Technical Services Manager and Collection Development Coordinator.

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E-journals: Their Use, Value and Impact—Final Report

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The Research Information Network has released E-journals: Their Use, Value and Impact—Final Report.

Here's an excerpt:

The objectives for this second phase of the study were:

  1. to establish a deeper understanding of what lies behind the patterns of use and information-seeking behaviour portrayed in the logs to answer questions such as:
    • why do users spend so little time on each visit?
    • why do researchers use gateway sites?
    • why do few researchers use advanced searching?
    • do high levels of use imply high levels of user satisfaction?
  2. to investigate reasons for the diversity in information-seeking behaviour and usage shown in the logs, especially with regard to research status and seniority, institutional size and research strength, and subject or discipline.
  3. to determine how online searching and use of e-journals relates to researchers' general behaviour in seeking and using information, and to scholarly and research workflows.
  4. to investigate further the relationships between levels of expenditure on journals, levels of use, and research outcomes (e.g., does good e-journal provision drive research outcomes, or do libraries benefit from the additional revenue that research success creates?).
  5. to analyse any trends in author referencing behaviour over a long period, and to investigate whether these have changed alongside the development of easier access to scholarly literature.

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Daily Tweets 2011-01-19

Posted in Current News: DigitalKoans Twitter Updates on January 19th, 2011

Scholarly Communication Librarian at Oregon Health & Science University

Posted in Digital Library Jobs on January 19th, 2011

The Oregon Health & Science University Library is recruiting a Scholarly Communication Librarian.

Here's an excerpt from the ad (job: IRC32413):

The Scholarly Communication Librarian will provide a leadership role within the OHSU Library and OHSU community in support of scholarly services and digital initiatives. The position will provide outreach and promotional activities pertaining to the scholarly work product of students, faculty and staff at OHSU, including the promotion of the Library's Digital Resources Library; explore new opportunities for publication; provide support services; and assist individuals in interacting with editors and publishers of their work; analyze and select alternative methods of providing access; support e-science initiatives; and provide community support regarding government deposit mandates. As a member of the Library Faculty, the Scholarly Communication Librarian participates in planning, policy formation and decision-making relating to health sciences services, collections and technologies. This position requires scholarship and service that contributes to the effectiveness of the Library, the University, and the profession

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Turning the Page: The Future of eBooks

Posted in E-Books, Reports and White Papers on January 19th, 2011

PricewaterhouseCoopers has released Turning the Page: The Future of eBooks.

Here's an excerpt from the announcement:

This new study examines trends and developments in the eBooks and eReaders market in the United States, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Germany, and discusses major challenges and key questions for the publishing industry worldwide. It also identifies market opportunities and developments for eBooks and eReaders, and makes recommendations for publishers, traditional retailers, online retailers, and intermediaries.

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Digital Services Librarian at Utah State University

Posted in Digital Library Jobs on January 19th, 2011

The Utah State University Libraries are recruiting a Digital Services Librarian.

Here's an excerpt from the ad:

This 12-month, tenure-track, entry level faculty position with rank of Assistant Librarian reports to the Associate Dean for Technical Services and is responsible for a broad range of services and duties related to the libraries' websites and digital content and services. In addition to providing leadership managing the content and design of the libraries' websites, this person will guide the library in implementing new technologies to enhance our patrons' experiences, especially USU's distance students, and will play an active role in library outreach activities. The successful candidate will participate in the development of a library plan for digital preservation and data curation.

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Prototype WorldCat Local User interface for HathiTrust Digital Library

Posted in Digital Libraries, Mass Digitizaton, OCLC on January 19th, 2011

OCLC and the HathiTrust have created a prototype WorldCat Local user interface for HathiTrust Digital Library.

Here's an excerpt from the press release:

The WorldCat Local prototype (http://hathitrust.worldcat.org) for the HathiTrust Digital Library was designed and implemented by both organizations in close cooperation as a means to further develop a shared digital library infrastructure. The WorldCat Local interface for the HathiTrust Digital Library is based on the WorldCat database, and will run along with the current HathiTrust catalog during the prototype testing period.

As a digital repository for the nation's great research libraries, the HathiTrust Digital Library brings together the massive digitized collections of partner institutions. HathiTrust offers libraries a means to archive and provide access to their digital content, whether scanned volumes, special collections, or born-digital materials. The representation of these resources in digital form offers expanded opportunities for innovative use in research, teaching and learning.

OCLC and HathiTrust have been working together to increase online visibility and accessibility of the digital collections by creating WorldCat records describing the content and linking to the collections via WorldCat.org and WorldCat Local. The creation of the unique public interface through WorldCat Local is the next step to offer enhanced access to this vital collection.

"HathiTrust benefits greatly from this partnership in that the collaborative development has enabled the creation of a new means of discovering HathiTrust holdings while simultaneously integrating these holdings into the larger world of library holdings made discoverable by OCLC," said John Wilkin, Executive Director of the HathiTrust.

HathiTrust Digital Library records are discoverable through the separate WorldCat Local interface, as well as through WorldCat.org.

"OCLC and the HathiTrust have been working together closely in this shared development project to facilitate access to these valuable digital materials," said Chip Nilges, OCLC Vice President, Business Development. "This collaboration leverages OCLC's extensive work in the area of resource discovery with the HathiTrust's considerable expertise and infrastructure with respect to the preservation of scholarly resources."

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Head Integrated Library Information Systems at New York Public Library

Posted in Library IT Jobs on January 18th, 2011

The New York Public Library is recruiting a Head Integrated Library Information Systems.

Here's an excerpt from the ad:

Reporting to the Director of Software Development and Support, the Integrated Library Systems (ILS) Administrator:

  • Coordinates and implements all ILS system revisions and updates
  • Installs and tests all new software releases, customizations and new products
  • Handles all extractions, cleaning, manipulation and provisioning of metadata to a variety of internal and external clients
  • Develops and maintains procedures that contribute and adhere to system standards
  • Serves as the primary liaison to the vendor for problem resolution and enhancement requests
  • Manages the ticket queue for open requests and issues
  • Performs related duties as required

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Unchartered Waters—The State of Open Data in Europe

Posted in Data Curation, Open Data, and Research Data Management, Open Access on January 18th, 2011

CSC has released Unchartered Waters—The State of Open Data in Europe

Here's an excerpt:

This study analyses the current state of the open data policy ecosystem and open government data offerings in nine European Member States. Since none of the countries studied currently offers a national open data portal, this study compares the statistics offices’ online data offerings. The analysis shows that they fulfill a number of open data principles but that there is still a lot of room for improvement. This study underlines that the development of data catalogues and portals should not be seen as means to an end.

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Digital Collections Librarian at University of Virginia Law Library

Posted in Digital Library Jobs on January 18th, 2011

The University of Virginia Law Library is recruiting a Digital Collections Librarian.

Here's an excerpt from the ad (posting number: 0606957):

The University of Virginia Law Library invites applications for a newly created Digital Collections Librarian. The librarian will manage all aspects of digital content and delivery, supervise graduate students in their production of e-text, evaluate new technologies related to digital content and represent the law library in the development of the University repository. There will be opportunity to work with colleagues on technical aspects of research projects.

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Wikipedia, Past and Present

Posted in Reports and White Papers, Social Media/Web 2.0 on January 18th, 2011

The Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project has released Wikipedia, Past and Present.

Here's an excerpt from the announcement:

The percentage of all American adults who use Wikipedia to look for information has increased from 25% in February 2007 to 42% in May 2010. This translates to 53% of adult internet users.

Education level continues to be the strongest predictor of Wikipedia use. The collaborative encyclopedia is most popular among internet users with at least a college degree, 69% of whom use the site. Broadband use remains another predictor, as 59% of those with home broadband use the service, compared with 26% of those who connect to the internet through dial-up. Additionally, Wikipedia is generally more popular among those with annual household incomes of at least $50,000, as well as with young adults: 62% of internet users under the age of 30 using the service, compared with only 33% of internet users age 65 and older.

In the scope of general online activities, using Wikipedia is more popular than sending instant messages (done by 47% of internet users) or rating a product, service, or person (32%), but is less popular than using social network sites (61%) or watching videos on sites like YouTube (66%).

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