Google Books Bibliography

The Google Books Bibliography presents selected English-language articles and other works that are useful in understanding Google Books. It primarily focuses on the evolution of Google Books and the legal, library, and social issues associated with it.

This selective bibliography includes sources published between 2004 and the present. To better show the development Google Books, it is organized by year of publication. It primarily includes journal articles, e-prints, magazine articles, and newspaper articles. The bibliography does not cover conference papers, digital media works (such as MP3 files), e-mail messages, letters to the editor, or presentation slides or transcripts.

The bibliography includes links to many freely available versions of included works. Such links, even to publisher versions and versions in disciplinary archives and institutional repositories, are subject to change. URLs may alter without warning (and often without automatic forwarding) or they may disappear altogether. Inclusion of links to works on authors' personal sites is highly selective. Note that e-prints and published articles may not be identical.

See the Google Book Settlement and the Google Books Settlement Agreement for information about the Google Book Search Copyright Class Action Settlement. See The Author's Guild et al v. Google Inc. for legal documents related to the case.