Institutional Repository Bibliography
Charles W. Bailey, Jr.
Version 1: 10/19/2009

The Institutional Repository Bibliography (IRB) presents selected English-language articles, books, and other scholarly textual sources that are useful in understanding institutional repositories. Although institutional repositories intersect with a number of open access and scholarly communication topics, this bibliography only includes works that are primarily about institutional repositories. For example, an article dealing with the NIH open access policy would not be included, but one dealing with a university open access policy likely would. See the author's other bibliographies for more general coverage of open access and scholarly communication issues.

The Institutional Repository Bibliography does not cover presentation slides or transcripts, digital media works (such as MP3 files), news articles, editorials, interviews, letters to the editor, weblog postings, or e-mail messages. Coverage of conference papers, technical reports, and unpublished e-prints is limited and very selective. For inclusion conference papers need to be fairly substantial, not just brief summaries or abstracts.

Most sources have been published between 2000 and the present; however, a limited number of key sources published prior to 2000 are also included. Where possible, links are provided to e-prints in disciplinary archives and institutional repositories for published articles. Note that e-prints and published articles may not be identical.

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