2.11 Related Electronic Resources

Electronic Books

Directory of Electronic Text Centers (Mary Mallery) [Web page]

SGML: Academic Projects (Robin Cover) [Web page]

Electronic Serials

Australian Electronic Journals (National Library of Australia) [Web page]

Ejournals Project (University of Waterloo Library) [Web page]

Electronic Journals (University of Pennsylvania Library) [Web page]

Electronic Journals (WWW Virtual Library) [Web page]

Hyperjournal (Washington University mirror archive) [Web page]

National Library of Canada Electronic Publications Pilot Project (National Library of Canada) [Web page]

NewJour (University of California, San Diego) [Web page]

Scholarly Journals (North Carolina State University Libraries) [Web page]

Scholarly Journals Distributed Via the World-Wide Web (University of Houston Libraries) [Web page]

Stevan Harnad E-Prints (Princeton University mirror archive) [Web page]

VPIEJ-L (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Libraries) [Web page]

General Works

Aus-epub (Australian Defence Force Academy) [Web page]

Electronic Publishing (Emory University Health Sciences Center Library) [Web page]

Propagate: The Libraries and Network E-Publishing Page (Tyndale) [Web page]

Legal Issues

Copyright and Intellectual Property Resources (ARL) [Web page]

Copyright and Intellectual Property Resources (IFLA) [Web page]

U.S. Copyright Office [Web page]

Library Issues

Digital Libraries--Resources and Projects (IFLA) [Web page]

DIGLIB (IFLA) [Web page]

D-LIB Forum and D-LIB Magazine (Corporation for National Research Initiatives) [Web page]

Initiatives in Digital Information (University of Michigan) [Web page]

Publisher Issues

The Journal of Electronic Publishing (University of Michigan Press) [Web page]

Scholarly Societies Project (University of Waterloo Library) [Web page]


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Bailey, Charles W., Jr. "Network-Based Electronic Publishing of Scholarly Works: A Selective Bibliography." The Public-Access Computer Systems Review 6, no. 1 (1995).