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Electronic Journals: A Selected Resource Guide

An annotated overview of electronic journals that covers a wide range of topics, including general sources, directories, providers, definition and history, usage studies, standards, legal issues, and more.



Australian Journals Online, National Library of Australia

EJI(sm): A Registry of Innovative E-Journal Features, Functionalities, and Content, Gerry McKiernan

Ejournals, National Library of Medicine

Electronic Journal Miner, Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries

Electronic Journals Resource Directory, Peter Scott

Free Medical Journals.Com

jake: jointly administered knowledge environment (use to find what databases contain online serials)

M-Bed: A Registry of Embedded Multimedia Electronic Journals, Gerry McKiernan

Magazines, Journals, E-Zines, and More., Internet Public Library

NewJour, University of California, San Diego

Scholarly Journals Distributed Via the World-Wide Web, Robert Spragg

Serials in Cyberspace: Collections, Resources, and Services, Birdie MacLennan

Tools and Resources for Online Journal Editing & Publishing, University of Nevada, Reno Libraries

Innovative Nonprofit Publishers and Archives


BioMed Central


HighWire Press, Stanford University Libraries


Project Euclid, Cornell University Libraries

Project Muse, Johns Hopkins University

PubMed Central

SciELO—Scientific Electronic Library Online

Mailing Lists




Electronic Journals: A Selected Resource Guide, Katharina Klemperer
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