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December 8, 2003

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ARL Activities Report 2003: The section on "Scholarly Communication and Information Policy" covers the activities of the Federal Relations and Information Policy Program, the Office of Scholarly Communication, and SPARC.

"ARROW: Australian Research Repositories Online to the World": Describes the ARROW project.

Borland, John. "RIAA Lawsuits Yield Mixed Results" CNET, 4 December 2003: Discusses the effects of the RIAA's 382 lawsuits against file swappers.

EDUCAUSE 2003: Selected presentations from the conference.

First Monday 8, no. 12 (2003): Includes "Internet Gift Economies: Voluntary Payment Schemes as Tangible Reciprocity" and other articles.

It's About Time: Research Challenges in Digital Archiving and Long-Term Preservation: Report on a workshop sponsored by the National Science Foundation's Digital Government Program and Digital Libraries Program and the Library of Congress' National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program.

Library Collections, Acquisitions, and Technical Services 27, no. 3 (2003): Includes "Darwin and MARC: A Voyage of Metadata Discovery" and other articles.

Litman, Jessica. "Sharing and Stealing": Draft paper about digital music file sharing "proposes that we adopt a legal architecture that encourages but does not compel copyright owners to make their works available for widespread sharing over digital networks, and that we incorporate into that architecture a payment mechanism, based on a blanket or collective license, designed to compensate creators and to bypass unnecessary intermediaries."

"Not-so-Modest Proposals: What Do We Want Our System of Scholarly Communication to Look Like in 2010?" Presentation by John Unsworth and Pauline Yu at the CIC Summit on Scholarly Communication.

Open Access Now, 1 December 2003: Includes "Fingerprinting the Literature" and other articles.

portal: Libraries and the Academy 3, no. 4 (2003): Includes "The Need to Improve Remote Access to Online Library Resources: Filling the Gap Between Commercial Vendor and Academic User Practice"; "Social Sciences Literature and Electronic Information"; "Tragedy of the Commons Revisited: Librarians, Publishers, Faculty and the Demise of a Public Resource"; and other articles.

The Serials Librarian 45, no. 2 (2003): Includes "Digitization as a Preservation Practice: Look Before You Leap"; "Formalizing the Rules for Cataloguing E-Serials: Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, 2nd Ed. 2002 Revision and CONSER Cataloging Manual 2002"; "Linking E-Journals to Databases: Full Text Linking Practices"; "Managing Electronic Journals from a Vendor's Perspective"; "New Age Navigation: Innovative Information Interfaces for Electronic Journals"; "Online Social Science and Humanities Journal Publishing in Canada and the SYNERGIES Project"; and other articles.

ShelfLife, 4 December 2003: A weekly e-newsletter from RLG. Click on "Read Past Issues" to access the current issue.

SPARC Open Access Newsletter, no. 68 (2003): News and commentary about the open access movement by Peter Suber.

December 1, 2003

Next Weblog update on 12/8/03.

Accademia Nazionale Dei Lincei/Erpanet Workshop on Trusted Digital Repository for Cultural Digital Heritage: Presentations from the conference.

Bishop, Ann Peterson, Nancy A. Van House, and Barbara P. Buttenfield, eds. Digital Library Use: Social Practice in Design and Evaluation. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2003: Examines digital libraries as "sociotechnical systems."

Change 35, no. 6 (2003): Includes "Copyright and Distance Education"; "Copyright in the Age of Photocopies, Word Processors, and the Internet"; "The High Cost of Scholarly Journals (and What to Do About It)"; "Who Woke the Sleeping GIANT? Libraries, Copyrights, and the Digital Age"; and other articles.

Cites & Insights: Crawford at Large 3, no. 14 (2003): Walt Crawford continues his incisive commentary on current issues, new articles worth reading, and other topics. Highly recommended.

D-Lib Magazine 9, no. 11 (2003): Includes "The DiVA Project—Development of an Electronic Publishing System," "Public Opinion Polls and Digital Preservation: An Application of the Fedora Digital Object Repository System," "Using MPEG-21 DIDL to Represent Complex Digital Objects in the Los Alamos National Laboratory Digital Library," and other articles.

Federal Relations E-News (October-November 2003): Legislative news from ARL's Federal Relations and Information Policy program.

Invest to Save: Report and Recommendations of the NSF-DELOS Working Group on Digital Archiving and Preservation: "This report identifies significant research challenges in the area of digital archiving and long-term preservation. While unique problems exist in every sector from government, private companies, and schools and universities to cultural heritage institutions, our intent is to define research challenges and development opportunities that will lead to common solutions that can be shared among these sectors."

Invitation to Participate: World-Wide Review of 'Guidance on the Structure, Content, and Application of Metadata Records for Digital Resources and Collections': The IFLA Cataloguing Section Working Group on the Use of Metadata Schemas seeks comments on its draft metadata report.

Jekyll.comm, no. 6 (2003): Includes "Invisible Hand(s): Quality Assurance in the Age of Author Self-Archiving," "Self-Archive Unto Others as Ye Would Have Them Self-Archive Unto You," and other articles.

Journal of Documentation 59, no. 6 (2003): Includes "Reasons for the Use and Non-Use of Electronic Journals and Databases: A Domain Analytic Study in Four Scholarly Disciplines" and other articles.

Journal of Internet Cataloging 6, no. 2 (2003): Includes "Electronic Resources: Approaches in Providing Access" and other articles.

Library Quarterly 73, no. 3 (2003): Includes "Academic Journal Embargoes and Full Text Databases" and other articles.

OAI Harvester Plug-in for DSpace: New software from Old Dominion University.

Open Access Now, 17 November 2003: Includes "A Crisis on Campus" and other articles.

Scholars Portal Project: Status Report and Update, November 2003: Brief report about three ARL libraries that have implemented federated discovery and delivery tools.

The Scout Portal Toolkit: Version 1.2.1 has been released.

The Serials Librarian 45, no. 1 (2003): Includes "Comparison of Three Primary Aggregator Databases," "E-Journal Administration—Fragmentation or Integration?," "Impacts of the Abandonment of Catalog Records for Electronic Serials," "The PCC/CONSER PURL Project: Improving Access to Free Resources" "Single or Multiple Records for Print and Electronic Serials Titles: When Less is More (More or Less)," and other articles.

ShelfLife, 26 November 2003: A weekly e-newsletter from RLG. Click on "Read Past Issues" to access the current issue.

SPARC E-News (October-November 2003): News about the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC).

Technical Services Quarterly 21, no. 2 (2003): Includes "Publishing Electronic Theses and Dissertations: Reconfiguring Library Services" and other articles.

November 17, 2003

Next Weblog update on 12/1/03.

"Applying Fair Use in the Development of Electronic Reserves Systems": ARL's Access & Technology Program/Electronic Reserves Web page says that this document is "a new statement developed by Georgia Harper (University of Texas System) and Peggy Hoon (North Carolina State University) for the library association members of the Shared Legal Capability (ALA, AALL, ARL, MLA, and SLA)."

Borland, John. "Stalemate on Digital Content?" CNET, 6 November 2003: Discusses compatibility issues created by digital rights management software.

DAMS Technology Providers: Annotated list of Digital Asset Management System vendors from the University of Michigan's Digital Asset Management Initiative.

DigiCULT.Info, no. 5 (2003): Newsletter from DigiCULT (Digital Heritage and Cultural Content).

EDUCAUSE Review 38, no. 6 (2003): Includes "Copyright: What Makes a Use 'Fair'?" and other articles.

Hirtle, Peter B. "Digital Preservation and Copyright.": Examines the complex copyright issues associated with digital preservation efforts, concluding that: "The lack of legal certainty, however, should not prevent individuals and libraries from undertaking the socially beneficial task of preserving digital information."

Jones, Maggie. Archiving E-Journals Consultancy—Final Report: Technical report on the issues associated with libraries' long-term access to licensed e-journals that was commissioned by the Joint Information Systems Committee's Digital Preservation and Records Management Programme.

Journal of Interlibrary Loan, Document Delivery & Information Supply 13, no. 4 (2003): Includes "A Copyright Primer for Electronic Reserve: Copyright for Harried Electronic Reserves Staff," "Electronic Reserves and Blackboard's Course Management System," and other articles.

McCullagh, Declan. "Share 'True Crime,' Do the Time." CNET, 12 November 2003: Discusses the Artists' Rights and Theft Prevention Act.

"Ralph LeVan's SRW/SRU Open Source Database Interface Now Available; Includes Support for DSpace's Lucene Implementation and OCLC's Pears and Newton Databases." OCLC press release about new open source Web Services tools.

ShelfLife, 13 November 2003: A weekly e-newsletter from RLG. Click on "Read Past Issues" to access the current issue.

"SPARC and PLoS Partner to Advocate for Open Access Publishing": SPARC press release says: "The alliance aims to broaden support for open-access publishing among researchers, funding agencies, societies, libraries, and academic institutions through cooperative educational and advocacy activities."

"The Technology of Copyright: Digital Rights Management": Presentation by Karen Coyle will be Webcast on November 19th from 10:30 AM-12:00 noon as part of LC's Luminary Lectures series.

Zhang, Allison, and Don Gourley. "A Digital Collections Management System Based on Open Source Software.": Paper presented at JCDL 2003 describes the Washington Research Library Consortium's implementation of the Greenstone digital library software and DC-dot.

November 10, 2003

Next Weblog update on 11/17/03.

Association of Research Libraries. Proceedings of the 143rd Annual Meeting. Washington, DC: Association of Research Libraries, 2003: Includes a program session on "The Hard Reality of Moving Toward an Open Access Model."

The Chronicle of Higher Education, 7 November 2003: Includes "A New World of Scholarly Communication" and other articles.

College & Research Libraries News 64, no. 10 (2003): Includes "Two Years After the Launch: An Update on the BioOne Electronic Publishing Initiative" and other articles.

Create Change: Revised brochure from ARL about scholarly communication issues.

E-JASL: The Electronic Journal of Academic and Special Librarianship 4, nos. 2-3 (2003): Includes "Usability of E-Journals and Preference for the Virtual Periodicals Room: A Survey of Mathematics Faculty and Graduate Students" and other articles.

First Monday 8, no. 11 (2003): Includes "Digital Rights Management and the Breakdown of Social Norms" and other articles.

Information Today 20, no. 10 (2003): Includes "The ASIDIC Fall 2003 Meeting" and other articles.

Interlending & Document Supply 31, no 3 (2003): Includes "The Impact of Electronic Journals on Academic Libraries: The Changing Relationship Between Journals, Acquisitions and Inter-Library Loans Department Roles and Functions"; "The Potential Role of E-Books in Remote Document Supply"; and other articles.

Journal of Digital Information 4, no. 3 (2003): Includes "Merging Metadata and Content-Based Retrieval" and other articles.

"Legal Concerns Plague Open Access Physics Archive." SciDev.Net, 6 November 2003: Discusses plagiarism and libel issues at the ArXiv repository.

McCullagh, Declan. "Are PCs Next in Hollywood Piracy Battle?" CNET, 5 November 2003: Discusses the potential impact of new FCC "broadcast flag" HDTV regulations on other kinds of digital information.

New Scientist, 1 November 2003: Includes "Freedom Fighter" and other articles.

The Next Generation of Access: OpenURL and Metasearch: Presentations from the NISO conference.

Noring, Jon. "The Project Gramophone Proposal." TeleRead, 26 October 2003: Explains Project Gramophone, an effort to "transfer, digitally restore, and place online the older recordings in countries where it is now fully legal to do so by their copyright laws."

OAI for Beginners—The Open Archives Forum Online Tutorial: Provides "an introduction to the Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH)."

Open Access Now, 3 November 2003: Includes "An Oxford NARrative" and other articles.

SPARC Open Access Newsletter, no. 67 (2003): News and commentary about the open access movement by Peter Suber.

Third Workshop on the Open Archives Initiative (OAI3): Presentations from the conference.

$12 Million for Managing University Information: Press release from the Australian Acting Minister for Education, Science and Training describes four funded projects: Meta Access Management System, Towards an Australian Partnership for Sustainable Repositories, the Australian Research Repositories Online to the World (ARROW), and Australian Digital Theses Program Expansion and Redevelopment.

November 3, 2003

Next Weblog update on 11/10/03.

Ariadne, no. 37 (2003): Includes "DAEDALUS: Initial Experiences with EPrints and DSpace at the University of Glasgow," "Delivering OAI Records as RSS: An IMesh Toolkit Module for Facilitating Resource Sharing," "Ebooks in UK Libraries: Where Are We Now?," "ECDL2003: Conference Notes," "Fourth Open Archives Forum Workshop in Practice, Good Practice: The Future of Open Archives," "The JIBS-UKOLN OpenURL Meeting," "Metadata and Interoperability in a Complex World," "3rd ECDL Workshop on Web Archiving," "Trends in Self-Posting of Research Material Online by Academic Staff," "Unicode and Historic Scripts," and other articles.

Borland, John. "Feds Grant DMCA Exceptions." CNET, 28 October 2003: The U.S. Copyright Office has made four exceptions to the copy protection provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, including one covering e-books.

"Hear Dr. Gloriana St. Clair on the Million Book Project Today; View Presentation Slides": OCLC announcement of the availability of a presentation by Gloriana St. Clair about the Million Book Digital Library Project, which is "an international library project that strives to create a free-to-read, searchable collection of one million books, available to everyone over the Internet."

"Historic Change in Legal Deposit Law Saves Electronic Publications for Future Generations—Bill to Extend Legal Deposit to UK Non-Print Materials Receives Royal Assent": British Library press release indicates that the Legal Deposit Libraries Act 2003 has become law.

How Much Information? 2003: "This study of information storage and flows analyzes the year 2002 in order to estimate the annual size of the stock of new information contained in storage media, and heard or seen each year in information flows."

Online Information Review 27, no. 5 (2003): Includes "Building Digital Libraries from Simple Building Blocks"; "The Digital Archive of the Swedish East India Company, 1731-1813: A Joint Project of a University Library and a History Department"; and other articles.

Quint, Barbara. "OCLC Project Opens WorldCat Records to Google." NewsBreaks, 27 October 2003: Discusses OCLC's Open WorldCat pilot.

Reuters. "U.K. Copyright Law Takes Effect". CNET, 31 October 2003: The Copyright and Related Rights Regulations 2003 has become law in the U.K.

Scholarly Tribes and Tribulations: How Tradition and Technology Are Driving Disciplinary Change: Presentations by Blaise Cronin, John Unsworth, and other noted speakers at this recent ARL conference.

ShelfLife, 30 October 2003: A weekly e-newsletter from RLG. Click on "Read Past Issues" to access the current issue.

What's New in Digital Preservation (June-September 2003): Digital preservation news from the Digital Preservation Coalition and PADI.

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