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October 9, 2006

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Bulletin of the American Society for Information Science and Technology (October/November 2006): Includes "Impacts of Mass Digitization Projects on Libraries and Information Policy" and other articles.

College & Research Libraries News 67, no. 8 (2006): Includes "The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy" and other articles.

Cooke, J. Robert, and Kenneth M. King. Final Project Report to Atlantic Philanthropies: Creating an Open Access Paradigm for Scholarly Publishing. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University, 2006.

EDUCAUSE Review 41, no. 5 (2006): Includes "InCommon: Watch This Space!," "Making Knowledge Services Work in Higher Education," and other articles.

Electronic Publishing Services Ltd, and Charles Oppenheim. UK Scholarly Journals: 2006 Baseline Report: An Evidence-Based Analysis of Data Concerning Scholarly Journal Publishing. London: Research Information Network, Research Councils UK, and the Department of Trade & Industry, 2006.

Harnad, Stevan. "Preprints, Postprints, Peer Review, and Institutional vs. Central Self-Archiving." Open Access Archivangelism. 6 October 2006.

Hockx-Yu, Helen. "Digital Preservation in the Context of Institutional Repositories." (2006).

———. "Establishing a UK LOCKSS Pilot Programme." (2006).

Houghton, John, Colin Steele, and Peter Sheehan. Research Communication Costs in Australia: Emerging Opportunities and Benefits. Canberra City, Australia: Department of Education, Science and Training, 2006.

IEEE Technical Committee on Digital Libraries Bulletin 3, no. 1 (2006): Includes "Digital Library of India: A Testbed for Indian Language Research," "Digital Library Projects in Taiwan," "G-Portal—A Cross Disciplinary Digital Library Research Program from Singapore," and "A Metadata Schema Registry as a Tool to Enhance Metadata Interoperability."

Information Technology and Libraries 25, no. 3 (2006): Includes "OpenSearch and SRU: A Continuum of Searching," "Strong Copyright + DRM + Weak Net Neutrality = Digital Dystopia?," "Toward a Twenty-First-Century Library Catalog," and other articles.

The International Information & Library Review 38, no. 3 (2006): Includes "Digital Libraries Initiatives in India," "Usage of E-Journals by Researchers in Aligarh Muslim University: A Study," and other articles.

Jordan, Mark. Putting Content Online: A Practical Guide for Libraries. Oxford: Chandos, 2006. (Publisher's description)

The Journal of Academic Librarianship 32, no. 5 (2006): Includes "Can Electronic Journal Usage Data Replace Citation Data as a Measure of Journal Use? An Empirical Examination," "E-Book Usage and the Choice Outstanding Academic Book List: Is There a Correlation?," "Information Seeking Behavior in Digital Image Collections: A Cognitive Approach," and other articles.

Journal of Documentation 62, no. 5 (2006): Includes "Subject Retrieval of Scholarly Monographs via Electronic Databases" and other articles.

The Journal of Neuroscience 26, no. 38 (2006): Includes "As We May Read" and other articles.

Kenney, Anne R., Richard Entlich, Peter B. Hirtle, Nancy Y. McGovern, and Ellie L. Buckley. E-Journal Archiving Metes and Bounds: A Survey of the Landscape. Washington, DC: Council on Library and Information Resources, 2006.

Krichel, Thomas, and Christian Zimmermann. "The Economics of Open Bibliographic Data Provision." (2005).

Library & Information Science Research 28, no. 3 (2006): Includes "Delay between Online and Offline Issue of Journals: A Critical Analysis," "Evaluation of Digital Libraries: Criteria and Problems from Users' Perspectives," and other articles.

Library Hi Tech 24, no. 3 (2006): Includes "CDSware (CERN Document Server Software)" and other articles.

Mayr, Philipp. "Constructing Experimental Indicators for Open Access Documents." (2006).

Morrison, Heather. "Dramatic Growth September 2006." Imaginary Journal of Poetic Economics, 30 September 2006.

New Library World 107, no. 9/10 (2006): Includes "US Copyright Law: The Challenge of Protection in the Digital Age" and other articles.

ONLINE 30, no. 5 (2006): Includes "The Copyright Landscape" and other articles.

Suber, Peter. SPARC Open Access Newsletter, no. 102 (2006): Includes "OA Wrap-up on the Last Congress," "Open Access and Quality," and other articles.

Wilczek, Eliot, and Kevin Glick. Fedora and the Preservation of University Records. Medford, MA: Tufts University and Yale University, 2006.

September 25, 2006

Next Weblog update on 10/9/06.

ARL: A Bimonthly Report on Research Library Issues and Actions from ARL, CNI, and SPARC, no. 247 (2006): Includes "Create Change Web Site Provides Faculty Perspectives on Scholarly Communication," "SPARC Introduces Author Rights Educational Initiative to Inform Faculty about Securing Their Rights as Authors," and other articles.

Bailey, Charles W., Jr. "Digital University/Library Presses, Part 7: HighWire Press." DigitalKoans, 30 August 2006.

———. "Digital University/Library Presses, Part 8: Monash University ePress." DigitalKoans, 31 August 2006.

———. "Digital University/Library Presses, Part 9: University of Cincinnati Digital Press." DigitalKoans, 6 September 2006.

———. "Digital University/Library Presses, Part 10: Parallel Press." DigitalKoans, 18 September 2006.

———. "Digital University/Library Presses, Part 11: Other Digital Presses." DigitalKoans, 19 September 2006.

Barnes, Ian. Preservation of TeX/LaTeX Documents. Canberra: Australian Partnership for Sustainable Repositories, 2006.

———. The Preservation of Word Processing Documents. Canberra: Australian Partnership for Sustainable Repositories, 2006.

Bennett. Linda. E-Book Platforms and Aggregators: An Evaluation of Available Options for Publishers. Clapham, UK: Association of Learned and Society Publishers, 2006. (Publisher's description)

Center for Democracy and Technology. Evaluating DRM: Building a Marketplace for the Convergent World. Washington, DC: Center for Democracy and Technology, 2006.

Coleman, Anita Sundaram. "Commons-Based Digital Libraries." (2006).

Crawford, Walt. Cites & Insights: Crawford at Large 6, no. 11 (2006): Includes "The Library Stuff," "The New Site & COWLZ: A Lost Opportunity?," and other articles.

———. Cites & Insights: Crawford at Large 6, no. 12 (2006): Includes "Books, Bookstores and Ebooks"; "Open Access Perspective Part I: Pioneer Journals: The Arc of Enthusiasm, Five Years Later"; "Open Access Perspective, Part II: Pioneer OA Journals: Preliminary Additions from DOAJ"; and other articles.

Deegan, Marilyn, and Simon Tanner, eds. Digital Preservation. London: Facet Publishing, 2006. (Publisher's description)

D-Lib Magazine 12, no. 9 (2006): Includes "Handle Records, Rights and Long Tail Economies"; "Repository Librarian and the Next Crusade: The Search for a Common Standard for Digital Repository Metadata"; "What Is Needed to Educate Future Digital Librarians: A Study of Current Practice and Staffing Patterns in Academic and Research Libraries"; and other articles.

E-JASL: The Electronic Journal of Academic and Special Librarianship 7, no.2 (2006): Invludes "Librarian Publishing Preferences and Open-Access Electronic Journals" and other articles.

The Electronic Library 24, no. 4 (2006): Includes "Digital Object Identifier System: An Overview" and other articles.

First Monday 11, no. 9 (2006): Includes "Publishing Cooperatives: An Alternative for Non-Profit Publishers" and other articles.

Harnad, Stevan. "Central versus Institutional Self-Archiving." Open Access Archivangelism, 21 September 2006.

Information Today 23, no. 8 (2006): Includes "Hindawi Publishing: Catering to Open Access," "The Oxford University Press on OA," and other articles.

Journal of Access Services: Innovations for Electronic and Digital Library and Information Services 3, no. 1 (2005): Includes "Graduate and Post-MLS Study in Digital Libraries" and other articles.

Journal of Electronic Publishing 9, no. 2 (2006): Includes "Books without Boundaries: A Brief Tour of the System-Wide Print Book Collection," "Digital Libraries and the Need for a Universal Digital Publication Format," "Effect of E-Printing on Citation Rates in Astronomy and Physics," "Pushing the Digitization Dialogue Forward: 'Scholarship and Libraries in Transition' at the University of Michigan," and other articles.

Journal of Electronic Resources in Medical Libraries 3, no. 3 (2006): Includes "OPACs and E-Journals: Issues to Consider," "Trends in Cataloging Electronic Journals in Health Sciences Libraries: Will Title Lists or the Online Catalog Prevail?," and other articles.

Journal of Interlibrary Loan, Document Delivery & Electronic Reserve 16, no. 3 (2006): Includes "The Dramatic Growth of Open Access: Implications and Opportunities for Resource Sharing" and other articles.

Lee, Bronwyn, Gerard Clifton, and Somaya Langley. PREMIS Requirement Statement Project Report. Canberra: Australian Partnership for Sustainable Repositories, 2006.

Library Review 55, no. 8 (2006): Includes "Legal Deposit and Collection Development in a Digital World" and other articles.

Libri: International Journal of Libraries and Information Services 56, no. 3 (2006): Includes "The Effect of Open Access on Citation Impact: A Comparison Study Based on Web Citation Analysis" and other articles.

Lipinski, Thomas A. The Complete Copyright Liability Handbook for Librarians and Educators. New York: Neal-Schuman Publishers, 2006. (Publisher's discription)

McCabe, Mark J., and Christopher M. Snyder. "The Economics of Open-Access Journals." (2006).

Morrison, Heather, and Andrew Waller. "Open Access for the Medical Librarian." (2006).

OCLC Systems & Services: International Digital Library Perspectives 22, no. 3 (2006): Includes "The Death, and Rebirth, of the Metadata Record: Rethinking Library Search"; "Integration and Collaboration within Recently Established Australian Scholarly Publishing Initiatives"; "One-Stop Shopping: A Perspective on the Evolution of Electronic Resources Management"; "South Carolina Goes Digital: The Creation and Development of the University of South Carolina's Digital Activities Department"; "Towards Accessibility to Digital Cultural Materials: An FRBRized Approach"; and other articles.

O'Connor, Mike. Technical Evaluation of Selected Open Source Repository Solutions. (2006).

Online Information Review 30, no. 4 (2006): Includes "A Checklist for Evaluating Open Source Digital Library Software," "Digital Libraries: What Do Users Want?," "Open Access to Scholarly Indexing/Abstracting Information," and other articles.

portal: Libraries and the Academy 6, no. 4 (2006): Includes "ETDs and Digital Repositories—A Disciplinary Challenge to Open Access?," "Fair Use or Exploitation? The Google Book Search Controversy," and other articles.

Schonfeld, Roger C. "Getting from Here to There, Safely: Library Strategic Planning for the Transition Away from Print Journals."

Searcher 14, no. 8 (2006): Includes "Beyond Google: The Importance of Orphan Works and Section 108 Reform to Information Professionals," "CrossRef at the Crossroads," and other articles.

Suber, Peter. SPARC Open Access Newsletter, no. 101 (2006): Includes "Nine Questions for Hybrid Journal Programs," "Political Fortunes," and other articles.

Ware, Mark. Scientific Publishing in Transition: An Overview of Current Developments. London: Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers, 2006.

August 25, 2006

Next Weblog update on 9/25/06.

Aslib Proceedings: New Information Perspectives 58, no. 4 (2006): Includes "Digital Libraries: To Meet or Manage User Expectations," "Moral Rights and Information Content in Published Works," and other articles.

Bailey, Charles W., Jr. "Digital University/Library Presses, Part 3: Newfound Press." DigitalKoans, 16 August 2006.

———. "Digital University/Library Presses, Part 4: Singapore E-Press." DigitalKoans, 17 August 2006.

———. "Digital University/Library Presses, Part 5: Internet-First University Press." DigitalKoans, 23 August 2006.

———. "Digital University/Library Presses, Part 6: UTSePress." DigitalKoans, 24 August 2006.

Collection Building 25, no. 3 (2006): Includes "The ARTstor Digital Library: A Case Study in Collection Building," "Our Digital Heritage as Source Material to End-Users: Collection of and Access to Net Publications in the National Library of Norway," "Print to Electronic: the University of Hong Kong Case," and other articles.

Harnad, Stevan. "Open Access Jeremiads, Archivangelism and Self-Archiving Mandates." Open Access Archivangelism, 20 August 2006.

Information Services and Use 25, no. 2 (2006): Includes "The Economics of Open Access Publishing"; "From Copyright to Access Rights? How Public Policy Might Shape Industry Strategies"; "Permanent Access to Electronic Journals"; "Providing and Accessing Scientific Literature: How the German Research Foundation (DFG) Supports Scholarly Communication"; "What Shall We Do? Challenges and Opportunities of the Coming Changes in Science Publishing"; and other articles.

Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship, no. 47 (2006): Includes "Let's Get it Started!" and other articles.

Journal of Documentation 62, no. 4 (2006): Includes "What Deep Log Analysis Tells Us about the Impact of Big Deals: Case Study OhioLINK" and other articles.

Journal of Electronic Resources in Medical Libraries 3, no. 2 (2006): Includes "Simple Tips for Selecting a Link Resolver" and other articles.

King, C. Judson, Diane Harley, Sarah Earl-Novell, Jennifer Arter, Shannon Lawrence, and Irene Perciali. Scholarly Communication: Academic Values and Sustainable Models. Berkeley: Center for Studies in Higher Education, 2006.

Library Hi Tech News 23, no. 7 (2006): Includes "Implementing an Electronic Resource Management System: Brigham Young University's Experience"; "Unlocking Scholarly Access: ETDs, Institutional Repositories and Creators: Highlights of ETD 2006, the 9th International Symposium on Electronic Theses and Dissertations"; and other articles.

McLeod, Rory, Paul Wheatley, Paul Ayris, and Henry Girling. Lifecycle Information for E-Literature: A Summary from the LIFE Project Report Produced for the LIFE Conference 20 April 2006. London: JISC, 2006.

Research Information (August/September 2006): Includes "Community Efforts Help Repository Development," "E-Books Come of Age with Their Readers," "Online Passes Print in STM Publishing," and other articles.

RLG DigiNews 10, no. 4 (2006): Includes "Developing Electronic Records Capacity in the Small Collecting Repository: the Documenting Internet2 Project," "For the Record: Assessing the Impact of Archiving on the Archived," and other articles.

Rüdiger Voss, ed. Report of the Task Force on Open Access Publishing in Particle Physics. Geneva: CERN, 2006.

Sale, Arthur. "The Acquisition of Open Access Research Articles." (2006).

Technical Services Quarterly 23, no. 4 (2006): Includes "Cleanup of Netlibrary Cataloging Records: A Methodical Front-End Process," "Finding the Perfect E-Journal Access Solution . . . the Hard Way," and other articles.

University of Houston Libraries Institutional Repository Task Force. Institutional Repositories. SPEC Kit 292. Washington, DC: Association of Research Libraries, 2006. (Front matter and "Executive Summary"; publisher's description.)

August 14, 2006

Next Weblog update on 8/25/06.

Bailey, Charles W., Jr. "Digital University/Library Presses, Part 1: ANU E Press." DigitalKoans, 9 August 2006.

———. "Digital University/Library Presses, Part 2: Linköping University Electronic Press." DigitalKoans, 10 August 2006.

Bekaert, Jeroen, and Herbert van de Sompel. "Augmenting Interoperability Across Scholarly Repositories." (2006).

Carroll, Michael W. "The Movement for Open Access Law." (2006).

Crawford, Walt. Cites & Insights: Crawford at Large 6, no. 10 (2006): Includes "Looking at Liblogs: The Great Middle" and other articles.

Dahl, Mark, Kyle Banerjee, and Michael Spalti. Digital Libraries: Integrating Content and Systems. Oxford: Chandos, 2006. (Publisher's description.)

Harnad, Stevan. "Publishing vs. Access-Provision; Unrefereed Preprints vs. Refereed Postprints; IRs vs. CRs vs. VRs." Open Access Archivangelism, 11 August 2006.

Health Information and Libraries Journal 23, no. 3 (2006): "Do Financial Factors Such as Author Page Charges and Industry Funding Impact on the Nature of Published Research in Infectious Diseases?," "Open Access Publishing in the Biomedical Sciences: Could Funding Agencies Accelerate the Inevitable Changes?," and other articles.

Hirwade, Mangala, and D. Rajyalakshmi. "Open Access: India Is Moving towards Third World Superpower." (2006)

Houghton, John, and Peter Sheehan. The Economic Impact of Enhanced Access to Research Findings. Melbourne: Centre for Strategic Economic Studies, Victoria University, 2006.

First Monday 11, no. 8/7 (2006): Includes "Advances in Discovery: The Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative Experience," "Disciplining Search/Searching Disciplines: Perspectives from Academic Communities on Metasearch Quality Indicators," "Getting the Word Out: Making Digital Project Metadata Available to Aggregators," "IN Harmony: Sheet Music from Indiana," "Machine-assisted Metadata Generation and New Resource Discovery: Software and Services," "Scholarship and Academic Libraries (and Their Kin) in the World of Google," and other articles.

Journal of the Medical Library Association 94, no. 3 (2006): Includes "The National Institutes of Health (NIH) Policy on Enhancing Public Access: Tracking Institutional Contribution Rates," "Open Access: Implications for Scholarly Publishing and Medical Libraries," and other articles.

McGeveran, William, and William W. Fisher. "The Digital Learning Challenge: Obstacles to Educational Uses of Copyrighted Material in the Digital Age." (2006).

Program: Electronic Library and Information Systems 40, no. 3 (2006): Includes "Design and Development of an Institutional Repository at the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur," "Digital Preservation in the Context of Institutional Repositories," "Personal Name Identification in the Practice of Digital Repositories," "Repositories for Research: Southampton's Evolving Role in the Knowledge Cycle," "Using OAI-PMH and METS for Exporting Metadata and Digital Objects between Repositories," and other articles.

The Serials Librarian 50, no. 3/4 (2006): Includes "Adding Value to the Catalog in an Open Access World," "Beyond Article Linking Using OpenURL in Creative Ways," "The Big E-Package Deals Smoothing the Way Through Subscription Agents," "Issues in Scholarly Communications Creating a Campus-Wide Dialog," "Metadata Management Design," and other articles.

Suber, Peter. SPARC Open Access Newsletter, no. 100 (2006): Includes "Ten Lessons from the Funding Agency Open Access Policies" and other articles.

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