Cut-and-Paste NIH Public Access Policy Message to Senate Updated

I've updated the cut-and-paste text on the Contact the Senate about the NIH Public Access Policy page to include mention of and a link to the ALA/ARL/SPARC "Mandatory Public Access to Federally Funded Research Does Not Violate Copyright Obligations" statement.

You can use the cut-and-paste text in the linked ALA Contact Your Senators in Support of Open Access Web form, which will allow you to easily e-mail your senators by entering your Zip Code.

2 thoughts on “Cut-and-Paste NIH Public Access Policy Message to Senate Updated”

  1. ALA and ACRL recommend that you personalize your messages to Congress. The ALA alert contains talking points, instead of a form letter, and we hope you will use them to construct your own message. There is a huge issue right now with Congressional offices disregarding stock emails and letters. (In fact, over half of Congressional staffers believe the form-emails they receive from constituents are sent without the constituents’ knowledge.) We encourage you to show your legislators the real effect that this legislation will have on people in your community. Personal stories bring the message to life. For help, read tips on telling an effective story from the ALA Washington Office.

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