D-NET Version 1.0 Released by Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research

DRIVER (Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research) has released version 1.0 of D-NET.

Here's an excerpt from the announcement:

The first of its kind, this open source software offers a tool-box for deploying a customizable distributed system featuring tools for harvesting and aggregating heterogeneous data sources. A variety of end-user functionalities are applied over this integration, ranging from search, recommendation, collections, profiling to innovative tools for repository manager users. . . .

The DRIVER D-NET v. 1.0 software is released under the Open Source Apache license with accompanying documentation, and with (limited to capacity) technical support by the DRIVER Consortium technical partners. . . .

In particular, the DRIVER software can be used for two main reasons:

  • Deploying new services on top of an operational DRIVER infrastructure Running instances of the DRIVER Infrastructure can be enriched in any moment with new service instances so as to empower or expand the available functionalities. Examples are:
    1. Deployment and configuration of customized portals for designated communities over the aggregated data (e.g. a portal over national repositories or over subject-driven content, such as RECOLECTA and DART Europe DEEP above);
    2. Deployment of new aggregation services so as to distribute and delegate harvesting and aggregating activities to specialized DRIVER National or Community Correspondents, carrying out their tasks over an assigned selection of repositories.
  • Deploying a new DRIVER infrastructure to serve other service providers and communities