Technical Report: Doctoral Theses Digitisation

Ingrid Mason, Digital Research Repository Coordinator at the New Zealand Electronic Text Centre of the Victoria University of Wellington’s University Library, has deposited a report (Technical Report: Doctoral Theses Digitisation) about that library's doctoral theses digitization project in its institutional repository.

Here's an excerpt:

Doctoral theses (~1200) in the University Library’s collection have been digitised and uploaded into the Library’s two research repositories: RestrictedArchive@Victoria and ResearchArchive@Victoria. With a view to sharing learning and useful information key considerations for other tertiary institutions undertaking a similar project are:

  • digital file sizes and server storage space
  • purpose of and standards of digitisation for access
  • data matching from library system and alumni database
  • database listing and tracking of theses and allied tasks
  • inventory listing and batching of theses into boxes
  • costs for digitisation, transportation and short term assistance

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