New SURFshare Projects

The SURFshare programme has authorized 12 new projects, which will begin at the end of January.

Here's an excerpt from the press release:

Twelve innovation projects have been approved for the SURFshare programme and will start at the end of January 2009. All of these projects have the same objective, namely to promote knowledge dissemination via the Internet. In this new round of projects, the SURFshare programme allots an active role to researchers and ‘lectors’ (directors of research groups and knowledge networks in Universities of Applied Science): the main thing is not the infrastructure but the user. The grant from the SURFshare programme comes to over € 630.000 on a total budget of € 1.220.000. The year-long innovation projects were submitted by institutions of higher education. . . .

The twelve projects that have been awarded grants are:

Knowledge dissemination at Universities of Applied Sciences

  • National Knowledge Forum for Care and Treatment of Addiction
  • Automotive Knowledge Bank for Universities of Applied Sciences
  • DIGIPUB—Digital Publication environments
  • FUTURE—Thematised Access to Expertise, Knowledge & Research for SMEs, Students and Experts

Enriched publications

  • JALC—Journal of Archaeology in the Low Countries, enriched publications in Dutch archaeology
  • DatapluS—Repositories for Enhanced Survey Publications
  • ESCAPE—Enhanced Scientific Communication by Aggregated Publications Environments
  • Theses Plus—Enriched theses in the Utrecht repository
  • Veteran Tapes—Enriched publication based on multidisciplinary re-use of qualitative research files


  • Tales of the Revolt Collaboratory: Sharing, Enhancing and Disseminating Sources
  • Hublab-2—Toward successful implementation of the Liferay platform in historical research
  • Virtual Knowledge Studio Collaboratory—Understanding Scholarly Collaboration in Practice