Digital Library Jobs: Archivist for Digital Programs at Wyoming

The American Heritage Center of the University of Wyoming is recruiting an Archivist for Digital Programs at Wyoming.

Here's an excerpt from the ad:

The Archivist will collaboratively plan, schedule, and implement the creation of digital collections. The Archivist will provide leadership in the creation and delivery of digital content that responds to the needs of the AHC’s collections and preservation priorities. These include digitization of archives and special collections and other materials in text, image, audio, and video formats; and participating in the development of a digital repository systems to preserve and make accessible the intellectual output of the University of Wyoming. The Archivist will oversee operating procedures and workflows; investigate and recommend appropriate standards (technical, metadata, etc.) and implement quality control procedures; prioritize and coordinate digitization production; investigate, plan, and manage format conversions and migrations; maintain awareness and develop in-depth knowledge of new technology.

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