University Council at Boston University Endorses Open Access Initiative

The University Council of Boston University has endorsed an open access initiative that will establish an institutional repository.

Here's an excerpt from "University Council Approves Open Access Plan":

Boston University took a giant step towards greater access to academic scholarship and research on February 11, when the University Council voted to support an open access system that would make scholarly work of the faculty and staff available online to anyone, for free, as long as the authors are credited and the scholarship is not used for profit.

"We believe this is the first time that a university as a whole has taken a stand on behalf of the university as opposed to a single school or college," says Wendy Mariner, the chair of the Faculty Council and a professor at the School of Law, at the School of Public Health, and at the School of Medicine. "We are looking forward to new forms of publication in the 21st century that will transform the ways that knowledge and information are shared."

"The resolution passed by our University Council is a very important statement on the importance of open access to the results of scholarship and research created within the University," says BU President Robert A. Brown. "The digital archive called for in the resolution will become a great repository for the creativity of our faculty and students."

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