Digital Library Jobs: Digital Preservation Librarian at Michigan

The University of Michigan Library is recruiting a Digital Preservation Librarian.

Here's an excerpt from the ad:

The Digital Preservation Librarian will report to the head of the Department of Preservation and Conservation. Working closely with staff in Library IT Core Services, Digital Library Production Service, the Scholarly Publishing Office, Deep Blue, Preservation, and other library units, as well as with partners at other institutions, the Digital Preservation Librarian will:

  • Research, plan, and develop the digital preservation program for University Library collections of enduring value in digital format: review existing library practices and analyze needs and establish policies and best practices for the long-term protection and access to digital materials of all types, both created by or acquired by the library. While the library’s focus has been on text and images, digital collections to be preserved may also include data, audio-visual resources, Web pages, and ephemera. Working with specialists at other partner institutions, the Digital Preservation Librarian will also support the development of the preservation program for the HathiTrust.
  • Assist in the ongoing development of requirements and specifications, including formats and metadata, for digital material the library solicits, accepts, or purchases into its collections. Advise both library staff and external content creators on strategies and the practical implementation of those specifications.
  • Advise library staff and digital initiatives on all phases of the life cycle of digital content with the aim of long-term retention and access; provide training or orientations. Represent and champion digital preservation interests across the library, the university, and to the community at large.
  • Prepare proposals for external funding for digital preservation projects. Prepare specifications for vended services that support the digital preservation program; evaluate responses to proposals for such services and make recommendations for selecting vendors; and act on behalf of the library as a technical liaison on preservation issues to vendors providing digital materials. Represent the University Library in cooperative projects or programs in digital preservation.
  • Research and advise the library on contingency plans against threats to the digital collections, such as industry changes to file formats, natural disaster, and security breaches.
  • Stay current on developing technologies, standards, and practice in preservation of digital collections; recommend responses to these developments through periodic alerts, summaries, reports, and revisions to policies and procedures. Represent the University Library in forums on digital preservation at the campus, regional, national, or international level.
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