Podcast: Interview with OCLC Vice President Karen Calhoun

JISC has released a podcast interview with OCLC Vice President Karen Calhoun.

Here's the abstract:

The not-for-profit Online Computer Library Center (OCLC) is the principal sponsor of JISC’s 2009 annual conference in Edinburgh. In this podcast interview OCLC's Vice President Karen Calhoun talks to Robert Haymon-Collins, JISC's Director of Communications and Marketing, to discuss what her organisation does in the field of providing digital content for learning and research, and how improved access to this well-catalogued knowledge can help improve the student experience—a key theme of this year's JISC conference. Calhoun also clarifies OCLC's recent proposed policy changes concerning the use of OCLC records, an issue that has generated lively debate within the library and information communities both in the UK and further afield.