University of Chicago Moves to ETDs

The University of Chicago has adopted an electronic-only dissertations policy.

Here's an excerpt from "Implementing Electronic Dissertations at the University of Chicago":

Motivated by the Provost's call to University units to reduce costs, the Library is critically examining many of its processes and procedures including those of the Dissertation Office. We have concluded that eliminating the requirement for paper dissertations and moving to an electronic-only format offers the University and its students significant potential for ongoing cost savings as well as for improved service. The Provost, Deputy Provost for Graduate Education, and the Deputy Dean of Students for Student Affairs have reviewed this change and endorse it. . . .

With Summer 2009 Convocation graduates the University will begin using a web-based interface for online submission and review of dissertations developed by UMI Dissertation Publishing. Coupled with this change, though operationally distinct from it, the University and the Library will stop accepting and archiving dissertations on paper and rely on electronic access via the ProQuest Dissertations and Theses database while archiving a PDF copy of each future dissertation to guarantee permanence.

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