DSpace Statistics Add-on Version 2.1 Released

The RepositóriUM team at Minho University has released version 2.1 of the DSpace Statistics Add-on.

Here's an excerpt from the announcement:

The Statistics System is an add-on to the DSpace platform that allows gathering, processing and presenting usage, content and administrative statistics. Despite the fact that its development was done to meet the specific needs of RepositóriUM, the system is completely adjustable to other environments as its components can easily be configured, changed or extended, to respond to different information needs.

With the release of the current version 2.1 of the Stats System the main focus was solving some architectural issues of version 2.0, primarily:

  • Adapting the add-on to the new build and deploy mechanism of DSpace 1.5.1;
  • New mechanism for gathering the events on DSpace, avoiding DSpace logging mechanism and log4j JDBC Appender (replaced by Mark H. Wood UsageEvent plug-in);
  • New mechanism for aggregating the stats. Ported from pl/pgsql to Java;
  • Eliminate the pl/java language as a requirement;
  • Improvements on spider detection mechanism.