DSpace Sites: What Do You Want in Version 1.6?

The DSpace Committers Group is conducting a short survey about desired features in DSpace version 1.6.

Here's an excerpt from the "DSpace 1.6: You Decide!":

As you'll have seen from recent emails, the DSpace community has now released version 1.5.2 of the DSpace software. It has many new features, some enhancements to current features, and some bug fixes. Many of you will also know that a small team of developers have been working on DSpace version 2.0 which will bring with it many essential architectural enhancements to ensure that DSpace continues to fulfil the needs of the user community over the coming years. DSpace 2.0 is likely to be released early in 2010.

n the mean time, the DSpace committers have decided to start working on DSpace version 1.6. By moving to 1.6 (rather than 1.5.3) we can add new features that require changes to underlying DSpace database. We can’t tell you just yet what new features will be in version 1.6 because we haven’t decided! And that is where you come in . . .