Water Environment Research Foundation Adopts Embargo Free Access Policy

The Water Environment Research Foundation will make its reports freely available after a two-year embargo period. Reports may be released for free access earlier under some conditions.

Here's an excerpt from the announcement:

The Water Environment Research Foundation today announced a new open access initiative that will bring its wastewater and stormwater research results to the forefront of scientific and technical innovation. The new policy, which was vetted with all subscribers through an initial survey and then with a follow-up invitation to comment on the proposal, will go into full effect on July 1, 2009. . . .

The open access policy has two primary components:

  • First, all WERF final research report PDF files and hard copy reports remain available exclusively to subscribers, or available for sale to the public, through WERF and its publishing partners for two years. After the initial two years, all WERF final research report PDF files will be "open access," free to the general public, from the WERF website. (Tools are not part of the open access initiative.)
  • Second, if the WERF Board of Directors, Research Council, Communications Advisory Committee, or executive director determine that an earlier release of a final research report is in the public’s and subscribers' interest, they will need a majority vote in the affirmative to enact "open access" for that report before the 2-year open access date. Once WERF designates a report as open access, a PDF version of the report will be available, free of charge, on the WERF website.