DSpace Lead Developer and DuraCloud Integration Engineer

DuraSpace is recruiting a DSpace Lead Developer and a DuraCloud Integration Engineer.

Here's an excerpt from the DSpace Lead Developer ad:

The DSpace lead developer will work in collaboration with developers from around the world to preserve and provide open access to intellectual output from a community of over 600 top educational institutions. The lead developer will be responsible for providing technical guidance, support, and leadership to the developer community in advancing the platform to be able to effectively manage digital assets for a diverse set of requirements and applications. S/he will interact with user groups to facilitate the integration of code and documentation contributions, expedite feature requests and requirements, and organize FAQs, wiki and forum entries. S/he will work closely and collaboratively with the developers and committers on the software to come up with a technical roadmap. S/he will provide technical oversight for key architecture decisions and will work with standards bodies to ensure the application adheres to applicable standards in the industry.

Here's an excerpt from the DuraCloud Integration Engineer ad:

The integration developer will join the team designing, building, and supporting the DuraCloud durable storage service and related Web sites for the DSpace Foundation, Fedora Commons, and other open source projects. The developer will be responsible for all aspects of requirements gathering, technical analysis and development, testing and documenting both APIs and customer-facing applications, working both alone and as a member of a team. The position, which reports to the Chief Technology Officer, requires a knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and self-motivated individual with extensive experience in integrating disparate code bases and projects using browser mashups, Web services, API calls, wrappers, scripts or database synchronizations. The integration developer will focus on best strategies for integrating DuraCloud and other DuraSpace systems as the underpinning for dynamic, collaborative Web-based applications. Other responsibilities include assisting the DuraSpace team in defining project goals, leading the software engineering process, and disseminating results (including software deployment, documentation, reports, journal articles, presentations at professional meetings/conferences).