Open Access Repository Junction Project Funded

EDINA, the JISC National Data Centre based at the University of Edinburgh, has received a JISC grant for the Open Access Repository Junction project.

Here's an excerpt from the press release :

One of the objectives of the Depot [see the Depot project page] was to devise an unmediated (computer-assisted) reception and referral service, called Repository Junction, which collected information in order to redirect users to existing Institutional Repository (IR) services. This was to support the principal objective of the Depot, which was to provide a repository for author/researchers at institutions that did not (then) have an IR.

The new project aims to develop the Repository Junction from its current simple form contained within the Depot, into a stand-alone broker mechanism which can be easily adopted and integrated by services or projects run by other institutions or organisations.

OA-RJ will primarily look at addressing the problems of repository deposit currently faced by researchers who have written a multi-authored journal article associated with multiple institutions and grant-funding organisations. This project will test the broker model against a number of use case scenarios in ways that we expect to be sufficiently generic that it can be deployed in other repository workflows and environments.

Read more about it at "Open Access Repository Junction."