International Copyright: Why It Matters to Libraries

The Library Copyright Alliance has released International Copyright: Why It Matters to Libraries.

Here's an excerpt:

One of the most important issues for libraries at the present time is the need to reinforce copyright limitations and exceptions. Limitations and exceptions that enable uses of works without prior consent of or payment to the copyright holder or payment, for purposes such as research, scholarship and teaching, library preservation, and interlibrary loan, are a fundamental part of the copyright system, but they have not expanded at an equal pace with enhanced rights and protections in recent years. Internationally higher standards of protection and enforcement have been mandated by TRIPS, the WIPO Copyright Treaty, and the WIPO Performances and Phonograms Treaty. In many nations including the U.S., extension of copyright terms, anticircumvention legislation, and a steadily increasing culture of enforcement have created additional restrictions to use of information. There has been no expansion of limitations and exceptions.