Perceptions 2009: An International Survey of Library Automation

Marshall Breeding has released Perceptions 2009: An International Survey of Library Automation.

Here's an excerpt:

Libraries make significant investments in technology in order to automate their libraries and deliver information resources and services through their Web sites. The integrated library system (ILS) for most libraries represents the most critical component of a its technology infrastructure and can do the most to help or hinder a library in fulfilling its mission to serve its patrons and in operating efficiently. As libraries consider their automation strategies, such as moving to a new ILS, it’s helpful to have as much data as possible to make an informed decision. One aspect of that data might involve some measure of the perceptions of libraries that use that those products regarding such things as the quality of the ILS, the company involved, and its customer support. In order to produce data that portrays some of the general perceptions that libraries have about these questions, I have conducted a major survey for the last three years. This survey records each library's satisfaction level with their ILS and the company involved and probes at levels of interest in open source ILS products, one of the major issues brewing in the industry. The survey aims not only to provide libraries with helpful information regarding the products in the field, but might also serve as a tool for the companies involved to glean information on areas of strengths and weaknesses that will help them make any needed improvements.