Digital Services Specialist at University of Bridgeport

The University of Bridgeport is recruiting a Digital Services Specialist.

Here's an excerpt from the ad:

This position resides within a combined Wahlstrom Library, Office of Information Technology, Projects Office, and Media Services organization that reports to the AVP Information Technology and CIO. The Associate University Librarian provides key direction on library matters. The Digital Services Specialist collaborates closely with academic faculty and administrative staff to manage lifecycle development, storage and use of digital content.

Responsibilities include researching emergent applications, implementing technologies, assessment, and instruction for University students, faculty and staff in new technology, tools and resources for digitally-mediated or digitally-delivered content services. This includes working with the ExLibris software suite of Primo, Metalib, sfx; maintaining the Library Web interfaces; working with the University Web Manager to develop content management schema for the University Web, Datatel Portal, Datatel Active Admissions, digital signage; technology support for Information Literacy initiatives, including use of the Blackboard CMS, podcasting, and Wimba; developing a new institutional repository service; the integration of handheld devices into the library service environment; overall Web content management; collaborating with the Library metadata specialist on online knowledge base development, will also work closely with library staff, and support library functions as needed.

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