The Digital Divide: Assessing Organizations' Preparations for Digital Preservation

Plants has released The Digital Divide: Assessing Organizations' Preparations for Digital Preservation.

Here's an excerpt:

  • The volume of digital content that organizations expect to archive will increase 25-fold over the next ten years.
  • While seventy per cent of organizations hold less than 20 terabytes (TB) of data now, by 2019 seventy per cent of organizations expect to hold over 100TB.
  • Digital information comes in a range of types, and while over 80% of organizations already need to preserve documents and images, by 2019 over 70% will need to preserve databases, websites, audio and video files as well.
  • Only 27% of organizations think that they have complete control over the file formats that they will accept and store in their digital archives. Since the choice of format affects how easy it is to preserve digital content, producers need to be more involved in digital preservation.
  • The digital preservation message has spread far and wide: 93% of respondents indicated that their organisation is aware of the challenges of managing digital information for the long-term.
  • Organizations are taking account of digital preservation: 76% include it in their operational planning, 71% in their business continuity planning and 62% in their financial planning.
  • By setting out a digital preservation policy, 48% of organizations are actively planning how to tackle digital preservation.
  • Organizations are only starting to commit to funding digital preservation, as just 47% have allocated a budget to it.

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