Archivist For Metadata & Encoding (Digital Archivist) at East Carolina University

The J. Y. Joyner Library at East Carolina University is recruiting an Archivist For Metadata & Encoding (Digital Archivist).

Here's an excerpt from the ad:

The Digital Archivist is a member of the Special Collections Department and reports to the Assistant Director for Special Collections. The Digital Archivist will develop, in collaboration with other staff, internal encoding standards and evaluate and deploy software for use in encoding; work to ensure the online accessibility of finding aids through the design of the end-user interface and navigation for the EAD repository; coordinate training for Special Collections staff involved in the creation of EAD finding aids; work with Special Collections staff to select collections for digitization, taking into account factors such as scholarly impact, fragility of materials, copyright, and privacy; and maintain and expand the Special Collections Department Website using emerging web technologies and best practices that serve a growing online user community. The Digital Archivist will co-chair the Metadata Advisory Group, which will develop guidelines for metadata creation, identify core elements common to all projects, set standards for levels of detail and granularity for individual projects and repositories, and serve as consultants to the Metadata Librarian and metadata providers.