Unified Digital Format Registry Developer at California Digital Library

The California Digital Library is recruiting a Unified Digital Format Registry Developer. Salary: $55,300-$109,500.

Here's an excerpt from the ad:

The Unified Digital Format Registry project (UDFR, http://www.udfr.org/) is developing a reliable, sustainable, and publicly available knowledge base of file format representation information for use by the international digital curation, preservation, and repository communities. The project seeks to consolidate the functionality and data holdings of the existing PRONOM (http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/PRONOM) and GDFR (Global Digital Format Registry, http://www.gdfr.info/) registries into a common, community-supported system. Properly managing information about the formats used to represent content lies at the core of curation and preservation activities.. . .

The incumbent will be responsible for implementing the UDFR system, and is expected to provide innovative thinking and technical expertise while drawing on the body of useful experience from the PRONOM and GDFR projects and the UDFR consortium. The developer will consult regularly with UC3 staff and will work under the supervision of the project architect. The final open source system must be flexible, scalable, reliable, sustainable, and consistent with best practices and advances in web-based information services, service-oriented architectures, information preservation, and semantic web technologies. The initial knowledge base of the production UDFR will be based on a full export from PRONOM.

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