Arizona State University Librarians Assembly Passes Open Access Resolution

The Librarians Assembly of the Arizona State University Libraries has passed an open access resolution.

Here's an excerpt:

Specifically, we resolve:

  1. To disseminate our scholarship as broadly as possible. We endeavor to make our scholarly work openly accessible in conformance with open access principles. Whenever possible, we make our scholarship available in digital format, online, and free of charge.
  2. To grant ASU Libraries a Creative Commons "Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States" license to each of our scholarly works to allow the ASU Libraries the right to archive and make publicly available the full text of our scholarly works via the ASU Libraries' digital repository.
  3. To deposit the author's final version of our scholarly work in the digital repository as soon as is possible, recognizing that some publishers may impose an embargo period.
  4. To seek publishers whose policies allow us to make our scholarly works freely available online. When a publisher's policies do not allow us to make our works freely available online, we resolve to engage in good faith negotiations with the publisher to allow deposit of pre- or post-print versions of our scholarly work in the digital repository.
  5. To promote Open Access on campus and assist scholars in making their research openly available.

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