Institutional Repository Bibliography, Version 3

An institutional repository is a digital repository specific to a single institution that contains diverse types of digital works that deal with the disciplines associated with that institution.

Version three of the Institutional Repository Bibliography is now available from Digital Scholarship as an XHTML website with live links to many included works. It primarily includes published articles, books, and technical reports. A limited number of conference papers and unpublished e-prints are also included. All included works are in English. It is available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States License.

The bibliography has the following sections (all sections have been updated):

1 General
2 Country and Regional Institutional Repository Surveys
3 Multiple-Institution Repositories
4 Specific Institutional Repositories
5 Institutional Repository Digital Preservation Issues
6 Institutional Repository Library Issues
7 Institutional Repository Metadata Issues
8 Institutional Repository Open Access Policies
9 Institutional Repository R&D Projects
10 Institutional Repository Research Studies
11 Institutional Repository Software
12 Electronic Theses and Dissertations in Institutional Repositories
Appendix A. Related Bibliographies
Appendix B. About the Author

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