Open Access in Southern European Countries

Francisca Abad et al. have self-archived Open Access in Southern European Countries in E-LIS.

Here's an excerpt:

In order to move towards common policies for open access to science, experts in each country were asked to provide reports on the situation of open access. We used a common template including three main sections: scientific journals (number, format, quality, subject specialization, type of publishers, type of access, etc.); institutional repositories and harvesters; and policies supporting open access. Common data sources were used as far as possible (Ulrich's directory, OpenDOAR, DOAJ, ROAR, etc.), and were complemented in most cases by directories and other national sources.

Preliminary versions of the national reports were submitted and discussed at a conference held in Granada in May 2010, and served as a starting point for drafting a declaration of principles (the Alhambra Declaration) that aims to foster open access and the involvement of the various actors of the scientific communication process.

The published document contains updated and revised versions of the national reports, along with general conclusions, the Alhambra Declaration, and several appendices which offer more detailed information on journals and repositories in each of the countries. Statistical data included in the reports and in the appendices were updated as of May 2010. As such, this is the temporal reference for tables and figures if no other date is indicated.

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